Alternative Energy

At FedEx, we have taken a leadership role in the adoption and advancement of responsible environmental practices. We support the growth of sustainable energy use through commitments to renewable power sources in our operations and use of innovative technologies in our transportation fleet. FedEx seeks to diversify its energy supply whenever possible, relying on energy sources such as wind and solar power.


Cleaner Vehicles
The byproduct of better fuel efficiency and better routes is faster delivery to you. That’s why FedEx has increased our electric and hybrid fleets by 20%. We’re also always looking for ways to enhance our state-of-the-art route mapping system, since less time on the road means fewer total emissions.
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Green Power
At FedEx, green power starts with energy conservation at our facilities, offices and retail locations, and we continue to look for ways to conserve energy in our facilities.
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Solar Power
Several FedEx facilities around the world use solar-powered installations, saving nearly 4,000 metric tons of carbon emissions annually and nearly half a million gallons of gasoline.
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  • Start the Shift to a Better Future for Transportation

    Start the Shift to a Better Future for Transportation