Cleaner Vehicles

The integration of cleaner vehicles into our fleet has extended beyond hybrids and across a number of markets.

  • Among these vehicles are 43 all-electric commercial vehicles deployed in Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Memphis, New York City and Paris.
  • FedEx has 330 hybrid-electric delivery vehicles, including an all-hybrid station in New York City.
  • FedEx operates 58 trucks fueled by CNG (compressed natural gas), LNG (liquefied natural gas), and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), in Europe, the Asia Pacific and Latin America.
  • FedEx has more than 320 LPG and electric-powered ground support equipment in use at the CDG hub in Paris and other operational facilities across Europe, with another 55 on order.  
  • FedEx is a founding member of CAREX in France, an association committed to using rail as an alternative logistics solution to deliver European express cargo, thus reducing noise and carbon emissions.
  • In Japan, we teamed with General Motors in the test operations of a fuel-cell delivery vehicle for one year.
  • FedEx Ground is working with Parker Hannifin Corporation to test a hybrid hydraulic technology with on a heavier class vehicle (Class 6).
  • We operate biodiesel trucks on routes in the Washington, D.C., area as well as hybrid electric trucks.
  • FedEx Office uses 9 alternative fuel vehicles including electric and hybrid models to support its sales and delivery operations.
  • FedEx operates a large number of electric and alternative-fuel support vehicles worldwide, including more than 500 forklifts and 1,600 ground equipment units at airports.
  • Couriers in New York City and in London’s West End deliver many of their packages on foot, reducing vehicle emissions and traffic congestion, and in Paris we have an electric tricycle delivery vehicle.
Revised Jan. 6, 2012