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2017 FedEx Disaster Relief Efforts

November 6, 2017

FedEx Responds With Disaster Relief Efforts

November 3, 2017

As part of the FedEx Cares ‘Delivering For Good’ initiative, FedEx has provided relief to people impacted by hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires that hit North America in a six week period of 2017. We are working with several non-profits, including American Red Cross, Direct Relief and Heart to Heart International, to help deliver critical relief supplies to those who need them most.

Former Yankees Catcher Joins Team Dedicated to Disaster Relief

October 23, 2017

Jorge PosadaRetired New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada and his wife, life coach and activist Laura Posada, are teaming up with Foundation for Puerto Rico to deliver relief supplies to Jorge’s native Puerto Rico.

More than 150 thousand pounds of non-perishable goods including water, food, toiletries, diapers and formula were transported to the western part of Puerto Rico via a donated FedEx MD-11 cargo jet.  The Posadas are personally delivering the goods to four towns still recovering from Hurricane Maria.

As part of their work, the Posadas had already helped move more than 150 patients in Puerto Rico with urgent medical needs to facilities in Florida.

FedEx continues to support disaster relief efforts largely through our ongoing relationships with humanitarian organizations like the American Red Cross, Direct Relief and Heart to Heart International.

FedEx and Team Rubicon Help Clean Up Houston

October 16, 2017

Almost two months after Hurricane Harvey pummeled Houston, Texas, the people who live there are still trying to rebuild their lives.  For many, feet of water inside their homes and businesses forced a massive cleanup effort that could only be accomplished with the help of volunteers.

As part of the FedEx Cares ‘Delivering for Good’ campaign, FedEx team members worked alongside Team Rubicon, a disaster relief organization made up of U.S. military veterans who use their unique skills to respond to disaster relief.  Below is a look at some of the work being done.


Rainbow PUSH Coalition Delivers Hurricane Relief With FedEx Jet

October 14, 2017

Reverend Jesse JacksonReverend Jesse L. Jackson. Sr., the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Chicago-area Puerto Rican faith leaders and civic organizations are working to help ensure 150,000 pounds of hurricane relief supplies reach the people of Puerto Rico, who are still struggling after Hurricane Maria slammed the island almost a month ago.

The relief aid, including non-perishable food, water, hygiene kits and school supplies traveled from Chicago to Puerto Rico via an MD-11 cargo jet that FedEx donated for the flight.

Following the unloading of the plane, Reverend Jackson is staying in Puerto Rico to travel the island and help distribute the supplies.

FedEx closely monitors Hurricanes and developing weather events. Our contingency plans are in place and, as always, our priorities are the safety and well-being of our team members and minimizing the effects of potential storms on service. FedEx will be prepared to provide service to the best of our ability in areas affected by storms and as local conditions allow.

Latest service alerts are available here.

FedEx Hurricane Relief Newsroom Headlines

10.06.17 Infographic Outlines How FedEx Supports Disaster Relief Efforts Through Longstanding Relationships
09.28.17 FedEx Commits Additional $1 Million to Support Ongoing Hurricane & Earthquake Relief Efforts
09.15.17 FedEx, Direct Relief, Heart to Heart International, Miami HEAT and Golden State Warriors Team Up For Hurricane Irma Critical Relief
09.12.17: FedEx Pledges $1 Million to Support Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts
09.08.17: How Direct Relief Turned a Refrigerator Into a Life Saver in Houston
09.02.17: FedEx Donates and Delivers 10 Tons of Food to Houston in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey
09.01.17: FedEx Pledges $1 Million to Support Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Singer Ricky Martin Calls FedEx for Hurricane Help

October 9, 2017

When Latin superstar Ricky Martin saw the devastation in is homeland, Puerto Rico, after it was slammed by Hurricane Maria, he was compelled to help.  De La Mano Con Puerto Rico – along with a list of other organizations and generous individuals – reached out to Ricky for help to transport the goods and make sure the relief was delivered to the right people on the ground. Martin reached out to FedEx, who in turn, donated an MD-11 cargo jet to deliver the aid.

On Monday, October 9, the jet carried more than 150,000 pounds of relief aid to Puerto Rico.  The supplies, which included food and water, was primarily collected by De La Mano Con Puerto Rico, a non-profit with which Ricky worked. The Ricky Martin Foundation then collaborated with local officials on the ground to distribute the supplies where they’re needed most.

FedEx has moved millions of pounds of relief into San Juan and Borinquen, Puerto Rico for Direct Relief, International Medical Corps., the American Red Cross, the Houston Astros Foundation and the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The supplies include water, medicine and medical supplies, food, diapers, generators and more.

The below video was created by the Ricky Martin Foundation.

#PuertoRico volveré con más. Gracias a todos los que han donado a través de Están salvando vidas. Thank you to everyone who has donated. You are saving lives. For more info go to

Posted by Ricky Martin on Tuesday, October 10, 2017



Baseball Player’s Legacy Inspires Puerto Rico Relief Effort

October 5, 2017

Roberto Clemente jerseyThe spirit of legendary Pittsburgh Pirates player and philanthropist Roberto Clemente lives on in the form of hurricane relief efforts in Clemente’s home, Puerto Rico.

With the help of a FedEx cargo plane, Pirates Charities delivered 157,000 pounds of supplies to Puerto Rico following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.  Pirates fans and other partners collected bottled water, canned goods, baby items, cleaning supplies, hygiene products and more over a two-day supply drive outside of PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

“This effort was inspired by the memory of Roberto Clemente and the fact that people from his home are in such desperate need for help,” said Pirates Charities Chairman Bob Nutting.  “I feel Roberto would be proud to see his Pirates organization and the people of Pittsburgh rally together so strongly to assist in relief efforts.”

Clemente was well known for his charity work.  He died in a 1972 plane crash while on his way to deliver aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua.  FedEx numbered the dedicated relief flight “9121” in honor of #21, Roberto Clemente’s jersey number.

The supplies will be distributed throughout Puerto Rico, including Caguas, the home town of Pirates third base coach Joey Cora.

Pittsburgh Pirates hat

Relief Efforts Come Full Circle for Puerto Rico Team Member

October 4, 2017

Camille Canario remembers her first week on the job at FedEx in San Juan, Puerto Rico 19 years ago.

“In 1998, I started a week after a hurricane hit Puerto Rico.  I remember that first week I had to go to a ramp and move generators and help customers,” she said.

Canario is reliving some of that experience now as Puerto Rico and the Caribbean continue to recover from Hurricane Maria.  She’s busy at work and at home, where she still has no electricity or running water.

“We’re trying to have some type of normalcy and adjust to the new living conditions.  Life is a cycle where you have ups and downs, and while we’re a little down, I’ve felt the love of my colleagues,” Canario said.

As part of the disaster relief effort, FedEx has moved more than 2,200 tons of medicines, hygiene kits, water and other supplies for all of Puerto Rico, including care packages for team members and their families.  The supplies have flown in via 37 FedEx Express flights.

I’ve felt the love throughout and it’s made me feel very proud of my colleagues and the company I work for,” Canario said.

“The spirit of the Puerto Rican employees has transformed itself into an even more united team, which is nothing short of spectacular,” said Juan Cento, President of Latin America and Caribbean, FedEx Express.

“Hopefully sooner rather than later we’ll be reconstructing Puerto Rico and getting back to better times,” Canario said.

FedEx Delivers Relief Supplies to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean

October 3, 2017

FedEx Disaster Relief Puerto Rico

Disaster relief efforts continue in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean weeks after hurricanes destroyed critical infrastructure, and left people needing food, water and other critical supplies.  Relief efforts also continue in Mexico after the devastating earthquakes.

As of Tuesday, October 3, FedEx has moved more than 1,900 tons of relief supplies via 32 flights into Puerto Rico, including 121,000 pounds of infant formula for the American Red Cross, generators to power a hospital for International Medical Corps, medicine for children with hemophilia for Direct Relief, and 2,500 pounds of medicine and medical supplies on behalf of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help supply a children’s medical clinic in San Juan.

FedEx also worked with the Houston Astros Foundation to deliver over 150,000 pounds of relief including water, medicine, medical supplies, food, diapers and other items, as well as items for affected FedEx team members and their families.

In central Mexico, which was struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, FedEx sent water treatment systems that help provide clean drinking water to 30,000 people a day.

FedEx has committed $3 million to the overall disaster relief effort and continues to work with our disaster relief agencies such as Direct Relief, Heart to Heart International, American Red Cross and Team Rubicon to provide transportation support to deliver relief.



FedEx, Direct Relief, Heart to Heart Int’l, Miami HEAT and Golden State Warriors Team Up For Hurricane Irma Critical Relief

September 15, 2017

You’ve got to meet these puppies! Bunny and her twin brother, Funny, have just moved from Florida to California.

The bright-eyed pair are 3 month old Chihuahua mixes who were part of a coast to coast rescue flight following the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma.

The nonstop flight, donated by FedEx, transported more than 100 shelter dogs and cats from southern Florida to no-kill shelters in Northern California and Vancouver, Washington.

Sounds of excited meowing and barking filled the plane as the cats and dogs travelled from Miami to Oakland under the watchful eyes of a chief veterinarian and an adoption counselor.

The FedEx plane arrived in Miami filled with more than $11 million in hurricane relief aid from Direct Relief and Heart to Heart International, which will be used in Florida and the Caribbean. After offloading the supplies, the animals boarded on their journey.

Reps from the NBA’s Miami HEAT were there to help send the friendly critters off, and the Golden State Warriors greeted them upon arrival in California.

There are millions of animals across the country looking for safe and loving homes. By adopting a shelter animal, people are not only saving the life of the adopted pet, but they are freeing up critical shelter space to make room for even more animals in need. People interested in adopting a homeless animal can find a local shelter by visiting

Media resources:
Hurricane Harvey relief flight b-roll
Hurricane Harvey relief flight soundbites
Miami Relief and Animal Rescue Flight b-roll from FedEx on Vimeo.
Oakland Animal Rescue Flight b-roll from FedEx on Vimeo.


Operation Food Bridge Brings Hot Meals to Florida First Responders and Residents

September 19, 2017

FedEx aircraft mechanic Scott Guy is a volunteer with Operation BBQ Relief, which provides food in disaster zones to first responders, National Guard, police and residents.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, there was a critical need for thousands of meals delivered to Key West. The area has a significant need for food, water, fuel, and power.

Scott knew that his company could help, so the request went out to FedEx Global Operations Command and Control. The request was made to fly 10,000 hot meals a day into Marathon Key until mid-week. That’s 3,700 pounds of food each day! Local teams are also sending needed water on the flights.

Feeder Operations in Memphis and the Miami Operations teams coordinated the lift in a matter of hours, and the meals were launched less than 18 hours after the request. Because the infrastructure of roads and boat transportation is still impacted, the food was airlifted from Ft. Meyers to Key West. The flights landed on time, and were met by Salvation Army and FedEx team members.

The meals were even still hot when they arrived.



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    It is awesome to see the company I work for helping out my people of P.R and other affected locations in the U.S and virgin Islands.

    Angie Spear says:

    Thank you Lord for letting me work for a company (FedEx) that does so much Humanitarian relief work, making things possible that wouldn’t other wise be possible.I am very grateful! And Thank you FedEx for allowing me to make a living with you for the last 28+ years.

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    I am very proud to be part of the Fedex employees around the world. Is is an excellent company that always says present when the help is needed in any part of the world.

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    Its such a great feeling to see all of the good that the Purple and Orange is doing. #bleedPurpleOrange

    Mayra Rosas-Rexroade says:

    FedEx I can not thank you enough for your relief efforts to benefit my native Puerto Rico! FedEx always present in the time of need!
    I got stranded in Puerto Rico during and after hurricane Maria hit and I can confirm that the situation in the entire island is very difficult/dire and that the road to recovery will be a long one.
    I would like to know what do I need to do or who I can connect with to send provisions to my family in one of the relief flights.
    Again Thank you FedEx!!! #334808

    Lourdes Saldana says:

    I’m proud to be part of FedEx Express family for the last 37 years. I’ve witness the presence and generosity of our great company whenever disaster strikes. Go FedEx, purple blood!!!

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    I big Thank You to FedEx Customers at the Americas Mart Atlanta GA..May God Bless Puerto Rico, Isla de la Encanta!

    Huge contributions for Puerto Rico!!Southern Classics,Davinci, Starlight Watches,Claire’s, Royal Designs,Javier Martinez Designs.

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    So proud to work for a company that gives so much in a time of need.

    We stand strong!

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