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Doctor Heli Saves Lives

March 20, 2017

In a matter of seconds, your life can change dramatically.

Imagine being in a serious car accident, your child falling from a tree or your grandfather having a heart attack.

Seconds can feel like hours when waiting for an emergency medical team, especially if you live in a rural area or remote location.

Since 1999, the team at Aero Asahi has provided hospitals throughout Japan on-site helicopters to transport medical teams directly to the scenes of accidents.

According to the non-profit group HEM-Net, the Emergency Medical Network of Helicopters and Hospitals, emergency helicopters, known as Doctor Helis in Japan, have raised patient survival rate by nearly 30 percent compared to conventional emergency transportation by ground ambulance.

We spent a day with the Aero Asahi team at the Nippon Medical School at Chiba Hokusoh Hospital to see what it takes to keep their Doctor Heli ready to go at a moment’s notice, 365 days a year.


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