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May 4, 2010

Business Unusual: Flight Planning and the Iceland Volcano Eruption

Paul Tronsor, Managing Director, Global Operations Control for FedEx Express Wednesday April 14 started out as a normal day. I dialed into the regular early morning conference call within FedEx Global Operations Command in Memphis. For some weeks we’d been monitoring the rumblings of the Icelandic volcano. (And no, I can’t pronounce its true name, either.) It posed no threat to our flight operations.

November 21, 2008

The View from Global Operations Control

Hundreds of computer screens are in view as I look out over the control center, on one side of the room is a video wall displaying real time information about locations and conditions of aircraft flying all over the world. Radio and phone calls come in and go back out, conveying vital information about the tactical operation. No, this is not a command bunker under the Pentagon. I’m standing in FedEx Express Global Operations Control, known to most employees as GOC.