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November 2, 2015

Delivering Thanks 2015

We’re delivering thanks to some of our amazing team members who have gone above and beyond to help their neighbors in times of need. Lifesaving Actions | Going the Extra Mile | Helping Communities After Natural Disasters | Commitment to Success Team Members Perform Lifesaving Actions Eddy Dekker – Netherlands Eddy Dekker was driving his

October 16, 2015

FedEx Leads the Way on International Walk to School Day

Every day on the world’s roads more than 500 children are killed and thousands more are injured. With over 90,000 trucks on these roads, safety is of the utmost importance to FedEx. Over the last 16 years, more than 16,000 FedEx volunteers have teamed up with Safe Kids Worldwide in ten countries to share road

October 6, 2015

Investing in Aviation Technology Education

State-of-the art and unique. Good words to describe the aviation technology learning center currently under construction at Arkansas State University Mid-South in West Memphis, Arkansas. The 22,000-sq.ft. facility will include aircraft hangar space, classrooms, labs and support areas. Future home of the school’s aviation maintenance program, the facility will also be equipped with a large,

June 3, 2015

Saving A Life – “All in a Day’s Work”

We’re #DeliveringThanks to FedEx UK courier Jonathan Clapham for saving a young woman’s life on the road. Jonathan was going about his regular route one day near York, in north-central England, when he came upon a serious traffic accident. A car was upside down in a ditch, with smoke pouring out. A young woman lay

April 28, 2015

#Delivering Thanks: Employee of Tenn. Service Provider Delivers Life-Saving Aid

The morning of January 9, 2015, began like any other for Michael Stevens, an employee for a service provider in the Memphis, Tennessee area. He set out his safety cones in preparation to scale a power line when, in an instant, everything changed. A car, swerving to avoid another vehicle, crossed traffic and collided with

April 14, 2015

How We Overcame Cultural Inertia and Saved Millions

“Cultural Inertia”: The tendency for a group of people to cling to traditions and ways of thinking that have outlived their usefulness even when better ways are presented. Man, was this ever “us”. We still see evidence of this phenomenon on a fairly regular basis around Air Operations, but never was it as visible as

March 18, 2015

World’s Coolest Video Game?

FedEx Flight Simulation and Safety

March 6, 2015

#DeliveringThanks: Courier Saves Trapped Homeowner From Flames

On March 5th, FedEx Express courier John Bryant headed into work like any other day. Snow and ice blanketed the streets of Arlington,Texas the night before, but it was the sight of smoke off the highway that caught Bryant’s attention. “The smoke didn’t look normal to me,” he said. “I pulled off the highway and