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Michigan Dentist Has Sweet Spot For Candy

October 26, 2017

Dr. John Bruinsma and his wife Debra, a dental hygienist, were on vacation when they received word their youngest daughter got hurt.  Hoping to lift the little girl’s spirits, the couple looked for a giant lollipop at a nearby candy outlet.

What they found changed the course of their lives and careers–sugar-free lollipops on display that tasted better than any these dental experts had ever sampled!  The Bruinsmas wanted to share them with patients, and knew other dentists would be interested in having healthier lollipops too.  The couple partnered with the candy manufacturer, ultimately buying them, and years later, continue to evolve their sweet success.

Learn how Dr. John’s® offers safer candy options even to children with the most sensitive health issues, and why the company is giving back to non-profits that benefit children with cancer.




    Deb Christensen says:

    Too many adults dread going to the dentist; yet it’s so vital to our health. Thank you for making it a positive experience that will change the mindset of these children. The bonus of giving back is even more admirable. Thank you!

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