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FedEx Cares Week 2011

September 12, 2011

fx cares***Follow @FedExCares on Twitter for real-time updates from our team members around the world! Also check out photos on Facebook from our volunteers.

Beginning September 12, FedEx team members around the world will show they care by volunteering in their communities during FedEx Cares Week.  The annual event takes place September 17-23 in the Asia Pacific region and September 12-17 everywhere else in the world.  FedEx Cares Week was launched in the USA in 2005 and has expanded to more than 40 countries and territories around the globe since then.

This year’s projects include restoring schools, orphanages, homes for the elderly and ill people, planting trees and greening beaches, food bank assistance, support for the homeless and adults with disabilities and many more.  Below is a more detailed list of projects FedEx team members will be tackling through September 23.  

Location Date Organization
Harrison, AR 9/16/11 Boone County Special Services
Charlotte, NC 9/15/11 Boys and Girls Club (Southview Community Center)
Dallas, TX 9/15/11 Brentwood Healthcare Center
Chicago, IL 9/16/11 Camp Fire USA Campground Cleanup
Charlotte, NC 9/13/11 Crisis Assistance Ministry Clothing Sort Shift 1 -Charlotte
Polk County, FL 13/14-Sep-11 Early Learning Coalition of Polk County
  9/14/11 Easter Seals – Bowling Buddies
  9/14/11 Easter Seals – Mulch Project
York, PA 9/14/11 FedEx Cares – Crispus Attucks Early Learning Center
Atlanta, GA 9/13/11 FedEx Cares – Open Hand
Boston, MA 9/15/11 FedEx Cares Boston
Denver, CO 9/16/11 FedEx Cares Day – Food Bank of the Rockies
Philadelphia, PA 9/14/11 FedEx Cares Day – PHL
Harrisburg, PA 9/15/11 FedEx Cares Day Harrisburg
Washington DC 9/13/11 FedEx Cares Day – Food & Friends
Sacramento, CA 14/16-Sep-11 FedEx Cares
Greensboro, NC 9/14/11 FedEx Cares – FedEx Food for Families
Greensboro, NC 9/16/11 FedEx Cares – FedEx Hope for the Homeless
Indianapolis, IN 9/12/11 FedEx Cares – Decatur County Mobile Food Pantry
Indianapolis, IN 9/12/11 FedEx Cares – Gleaners Food Bank
Indianapolis, IN 9/12/11 FedEx Cares – Johnson County Mobile Food Pantry
Jacksonville, FL 9/13/11 FEDEX CARES – PACE
Memphis, TN 9/16/11 FedEx Cares – American Red Cross
Memphis, TN 9/16/11 FedEx Cares – Memphis Athletic Ministries
Memphis, TN 9/16/11 FedEx Cares – Porter Leath Childrens Home
Memphis, TN 9/16/11 FedEx Cares – Project Homeless Connect (AM shift)
Memphis, TN 9/16/11 FedEx Cares  – SRVS (Shelby Residential and Vocational Services)
Memphis, TN 9/16/11 FedEx Cares – Youth Villages
New York, NY 9/16/11 FedEx Cares New York City
Portland, OR 9/15/11 FedEx Cares – Oregon Food Bank
Seattle, WA 9/14/11 FedEx Cares – Federal Way Boys & Girls Club
Memphis, TN 9/16/11 FedEx Cares Week Memphis – MIFA Wheel Chair Ramps
St. Paul / Minneapolis, MN 9/12/11 FedEx Cares Week – Baby’s Space
  9/16/11 Goodwill Green Works
Waukesha, WI 9/13/11 Habitat for Humanity
Kansas City, MO 9/14/11 FedEx Cares 2011
Newark, NJ 9/12/11 FedEx Cares Day-Pathways to Independence-Kearney
Colorado Springs, CO Sep 21, 2011 to Sep 22, 2011 Partners In Housing
Pittsburgh, PA 9/15/11 Rebuilding Together
  9/16/11 Ronald McDonald House – Lunch2Go Program
Salt Lake City, UT 9/14/11 FedEx Cares Week 2011
Phoenix, AZ 9/12-9/26 School Readiness Kits Program
South Florida 9/15/11 HIS HOUSE CHILDREN’S HOME – Center Stations
 Outside the US:
Qindao, China 9/17/11 Si Fang Elderly Home
Tianjin, China 9/21/11 Jian Shan Migrant Workers’ Children  School
Beijing, China 9/17/11 Chenguang Cerecare Center.
Beijing, China 9/17/11 Chenguang Cerecare Center
Beijing, China 9/24/11 Hong Dandan Education and Cultural Exchange Center
Shenzhen, China 9/17-9/24 Shenzhen Children Welfare Home
Shenzhen, China 9/17/11 Kids in the community
Shenzhen, China 9/17/11 Clothing Drive
Guangzhou, China 9/17/11 Local Elderly Home
Guangzhou, China 9/18/11 The Welfare Center for the Handicapped
Chengdu, China 9/18/11 Autistic Children Training School
Wuhan, China 9/24/11 University students
Yiwu, China 9/18/11 Poor primary students
Wuhan, China 9/23/11 FedEx employees and local high school students
Shanghai, China 9/21/11 The disabled kids at Baby’s Home
Shanghai, China 9/18/11 Migrant workers’ kids school
Nanchang, China 9/18/11 SOS village kids
Suzhou, China 9/24/11 Kids at the orphanage
Australia 9/24/11 Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, in conjunction with Landcare
Hong Kong 9/24/11 Conservancy Association
Japan 9/17/11 JEN
Japan 9/17/11 Junior Achievement Japan
Korea 9/24-9/25 United Nations Environment Program
Taiwan 9/17/11 Fubon Charity Foundation
France 9/12-9/21 United Way Toqueville France (6 various projects)
Brussles 9/24/11 Maison des Enfants
Brussles 10/1/11 Children’s Hospitial DUBERF
Germany 8/18/11 donations of books for kids and teenagers
UK 9/12-9/26 Action for Children
Spain, 9/12/11 FEDER-Butterfly’s skin disease children support
Italy 9/17/11 Civil Protection Department Volunteers
India 9/17/11 Local schools/ parks through United Way of Mumbai 
India 9/12/11 Blood Drive
UAE 9/12/11 Dubai Health Authority
UAE 9/12/11 Al Noor  UAE
Switzerland 10/13/11 “Ladybirds make dreams come true”
Canada 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Ste. Foy, Quebec 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Laval, Quebec 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Belleville, Ontario 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Mississauga, Ontario 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Mississauga, Ontario 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Mississauga, Ontario 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Mississauga, Ontario 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Mississauga, Ontario 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Peterborough, Ontario 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Thornhill, Ontario 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Toronto, Ontario 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Toronto, Ontario 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Regina, Saskatchewan 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Edmonton, Alberta 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Calgary, Alberta 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Richmond, British Columbia 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Richmond, British Columbia 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Nanaimo, British Columbia 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Victoria, British Columbia 9/12-9/17 Community Clean-up
Argentina 9/14/11 Casa M.A.N.U.
Bermuda 9/17/11 Keep Bermuda Beautiful
Brazil 9/16/11 Associação Largo 13 de Maio
Barbados 9/17/11 Vauxhall Primary School
Brazil 9/15/11 Escola Estadual Francisco Brasileiro
Bahamas 9/17/11 Bilney Lane Children’s Home
Chile 9/10/11 “Comunidad Educativa” school
Colombia 9/12-9/17 Salomia Recreational Park
Dominican Republic 9/17/11 Dominican Coast
Guatemala 9/17/11 Anini
Jamaica 9/17/11 Montego Bay Marine Park
Jamaica 9/17/11 Early Childhood Institution
Cayman Islands 9/17/11 The Golden Age Home
St.Lucia 9/17/11 Vide Boutielle Primary School
Mexico 9/11/11 “Reforestamos Mexico”
Mexico, Monterrey 9/10/11 Reforestación Extrema
Mexico, Toluca 9/10/11 “Reforestamos Mexico”
Martinique 9/17/11 Foyer de L’Esperance
Balboa 9/17/11 Hospital del Niño
Puerto Rico 9/15/11 Hogar Cristo Redentor
Puerto Rico 9/14/11 elderly organization
Puerto Rico 9/14/11 Bill’s Kitchen
Puerto Rico 9/12/11 Casa San Juan Bosco
Puerto Rico 9/13/11 Hogar Juan De Dios
Uruguay/Montevideo 9/17/11 Public School
Venezuela 9/17/11 Casa Hogar Guatire School
US Virgin Islands 9/17/11 Children of the Virgin Islands
St. Croix 9/17/11 Juantia Gardine Elementary School and  Ricardo Richards Elementary School


    Monica fleischmann says:

    What an amazing start to Fedex cares week. We are Fedex and proud of our work

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