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FedEx Contractor Rescues Police Officer Under Attack

June 5, 2014

Mike Elgas, a driver for Wkforce, Inc,  Service Provider to FedEx Ground, risked his own life to save the life of a police officer who was being assaulted.  

It all started as an ordinary day as Mike stopped for breakfast on his way to work in Las Vegas, NV. While eating he noticed a belligerent customer overpower a police officer, knock him to the ground, and begin punching and yelling that he was going to kill him.  

When Mike saw the assailant try to dislodge the officer’s gun, he took action, subduing the assailant from behind and pulling him off the officer who was then able to handcuff and arrest his attacker.  

Mike admits that he was scared but that he “did what he had to do.”  He told one reporter, “I don’t feel like a hero, but I feel good inside that I did something good.” Mike has since been recognized for his heroism several times, most recently by Las Vegas’ Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak who presented Mike with a medal and proclaimed him a Good Samaritan.  

For his display of courage and behavior that goes above and beyond normal community responsibility, Mike has been nominated for the FedEx Humanitarian Award. Thank you, Mike!

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    Ken M. says:

    Good job Mike! Not everyone has it in them to get involved and to do what is right. You saved a life. Way to go!

    Dave says:

    Great job Mike!! Thank you for being an ethical person and helping others, especially those that are out there every day trying to help and protect us.

    Dave says:

    Great job Mike!! Thank you for being an ethical person and helping others, especially those that do their best to help and protect us everyday.

    MONICA HYMAN says:

    Awesome job, Mike!!!!!

    Jason says:


    This is no small act of bravery. Many people are faced with this kind of situation and run away. This is what people with good core values do..Help those who are in need!

    Glenn S says:

    Hooya!!! we need everyone to step up and do the right thing. Thanks!

    Kelvin Golden says:

    Great act of heroism Mike and job well done!

    Boyd says:

    Way to go Mike, if everyone would step up like that when needed this world would be a better place. BRAVO to you.

    Frances Patterson says:

    You are a true Hero! This action is a reflection of your bravery and selflessness! May you be blessed as much as you have been a blessing!!!Awesome!

    Judy A. Young says:

    We need more Mike’s in the World. Thanks for going beyond the call of Duty. I would hope someone would do the same for my Son & Daughter-In-Law who protect & Service Daily. God Bless You !!

    Carmen Pullin says:

    Wow!! Thank you for your bravery and Thank you for keeping others safe!

    Ryc Cyr says:

    Bravo Zulu Mike – you are inspiration to us all!!! Thank you for making a difference and helping the police officer. We need more people like you!!!

    BS says:

    Fantastic call to duty as God has intended us to do, respond to those in need. Nice Job Mike

    Lisa Fehr says:

    Great job Mike – you saved his life and others as well.

    John Harbert says:

    Great Job, Mike! We need more people like you!

    Oliver C. says:

    That was a brave thing you did Mike and saved someone’s life for another day. You are did the right thing.

    abdul khader s says:

    Thank you for being an ethical person and helping others, especially those that do their best to help and protect us everyday. god bless you mike”

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