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FedEx Kicks Off New Brand Campaign During the Start of the NFL Season

September 27, 2010


On September 12th, FedEx launched four new television spots and new digital work as part of our efforts to extend the “We Understand” platform into various media channels.  The advertising launch coincides with the start of the 2010/2011 NFL season.  The campaign will focus on the following services:  FedEx Express (domestic and international), FedEx Ground® and FedEx Office.


This is the third year that we have used the “We Understand” platform to target small, medium and large business customers.  Our new advertising highlights exceptional FedEx service and business partnerships, while maintaining the witty office-humor for which the brand is known.  Under the umbrella of the “We understand” platform, the 2010/2011 campaign has evolved to drive home the message that FedEx is a trusted, reliable partner for your business.


The integrated campaign is launching through various media channels including TV, print and digital. Through our official sponsorship of the NFL, we have been able to leverage the “DVR-proof” TV media to achieve reach in our advertising messaging.  If you are watching a football game on CBS or Fox, don’t forget to watch for our new ads.


We will also launch initiatives via a variety of media channels, such as Twitter, the newly re-launched site, fedex.com/weunderstand, our YouTube channel (YouTube.com/FedEx) and internal communications.

This year you will see how FedEx partners with Frequent Fliers, Multitaskers, Global Thinkers, Cost-Cutters and more to help their business succeed.  Online, at fedex.com/weunderstand, we are encouraging customers to take the business personality test to determine their own business personality and see how FedEx can help them.  I hope you take a few moments to see the work yourself.  (http://about.fedex.designcdt.com/our_company/advertising/brand)



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