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It’s a Time to Celebrate Customer Service

October 7, 2009

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All Customer Service professionals around the world and across many professions are being celebrated this week for their acts of service each and everyday! Going that extra mile of service enables businesses large and small to build reputable brands and consumer trust, which gives a customer confidence to buy again. Most actions performed by a customer service organization are usually done quietly one customer at a time.  These millions of touch point interactions are not recognized publically or given attention, but they are the focal point to ensuring goodwill is created and expectations are met and exceeded!  What a responsibility!

FedEx team members who provide Customer Services functions are truly heroes at FedEx.  I tell our team members they are there for our customers and strive to leave every interaction with no “i” to dot or “t” to cross!

Each customer approaches FedEx with a variety of needs.  Our Customer service agents must be trained and ready to assist with those needs at any time. Our Purple Promise philosophy and culture strives to make each and every FedEx Interaction to be outstanding. That means taking care of customers, being knowledgeable about the business and going the extra mile to meet their needs is central to our corporate culture.

For FedEx, we don’t sell a widget or gadget, and so our service is our product. Our FedEx team members are ready to serve the moment they take the first call, chat, email, or face-to-face interaction.

Again, these are very important responsibilities the great men and women of the FedEx Customer Service organization carry out daily!  I celebrate these wonderful representatives of all of our companies this week!

Everyone who has the role of service should stop a moment and realize the impact you have on your company, your brand and our society.  When service is great it makes our customers lives much easier!   Customer Service is a profession that deserves more than a week for celebration.

This week is officially set aside to recognize our Customer Service Heroes!  I say, Thank you, to all customer service functions who serve each day!


    M. Brown says:

    We celebrate the many FedEx customer service professionals who do an AWESOME job in delivering the purple promise to our customers. We salute you becauase you are the voice of FedEx and without you, there would be no FedEx. You are our hero’s and what you do separates FedEx for the rest. Thank You for making a FedEx difference!

    harold whitewick 135335 says:

    Ive been serving our customers on my route for approx 18 years and still look forward to seeing them every day.I like to leave my customers laughing or smiling everyday,so that they will look forward to the fedex visit,Our competitors have tried to take business away but have not been successful. In conclusion keep them happy with great service,good pricing and above all gain their confidence.thank you Harold -yula

    Faisal Ahmad says:

    To all the customer service out there, wherever you are…you guys are Awesome.!!!!
    Thank you for being there for our customers.

    Summer Trevino says:

    I’m hoping this is read and tracked! I want to give praise to Dwana on the Cincinnati CAT Team!!! She provided the most outstanding customer service to me!! She allowed me to vent my frustrations with out skipping a beat! She followed up by calling us and checking on the issue I had to call her about! She for sure went above and beyond to turn the situation around!! I hope FedEx knows how lucky they are to have such a great employee!!!

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