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Timing is Everything: Colombian Designer Dazzles With ‘Artful’ Watches

November 13, 2017

“If you want to tell time you can look on your cellphone.”

It’s an interesting mindset for Felipe Lopez considering he is the manager and product designer for Mistura, a Medellin, Colombia-based company that makes watches and other accessories.

However, in a world where fewer people rely on a wrist watch to tell time, Lopez and his business partners are reinventing watches from ‘a way to tell time’ to modern works of art.

“The main concept is that we make watches out of non-conventional materials that make the least impact on our earth” explains Lopez, who uses wood, stone, concrete, flowers, even denim to create watches that are both fashionable and functional. “I really love what I do, it’s my passion, it’s my life.”

We visited Mistura to see how they produce their wooden collection and how the South American company continues to reach new markets.




    Jesse Rowell says:

    Beautiful watches, great gift idea. Thank you for posting!

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