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On the Road with FedEx: Alaska

May 30, 2017

What’s it like to see the beauty of Alaska every day?

Hit the road with FedEx and we’ll show you, in the first of our ‘On the Road’ series.

Take a look behind the scenes as Ron Bernier (a National Truck Driving State Champion driver) takes us on the road and shows us how to navigate the world of moose, snow chains, and the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Check out our slideshow below, and click here for 360′ VR views of FedEx planes in Anchorage, Alaska.



    Norene Beaver says:

    When FedEx needs an HRBP in AK, I am there!!! What an absolutely beautiful place to do an amazing job for an amazing company!!! Way to deliver on the Purple Promise in some interesting conditions! Thanks for the blog post!!!!

    Ashley Wheeler says:

    Thank you very much for letting us see part of a FedEx day in the life of a fellow coworker. It was fascinating to see a FedEx operation in another area of the world – especially through the eyes of an employee who obviously loves his job and his company.

    Dan Welch says:

    Nice segment! It would be interesting to see how we operate in Fairbanks where it drops to -30 or more. Far different than here in PHX!

    Sandra Waggoner says:

    This is a great article about FXG people working in a very challenging environment! Thank you for sharing the story.

    KEVIN GAO says:

    WOO,it is so beautiful sence in alaska and i am very proud of be a employee in fedex.

    Cheryl Courts says:

    Love it! Very “cool”. Thanks for sharing.

    karen sydow says:

    Thanks for sharing this ‘story’. It is cool to see how things work in other regions. Keep them coming.

    Patricia says:

    Love this article, I lived in Sitka years and years ago and still visit in Kenai..What a way different lifestyle and work environment

    Nancy says:

    Very nice article, Keep up the great job you do each and every day!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    dulce ponce says:

    thxs for sharing this history, is an inspiration, regards from MEXICO.

    Nelson Lackings says:

    This “behind the scenes” theme ought to be carried out throughout the OPCOs in as many employee genre as possible. There is no reason we should ever have to pay an actor to portray what we so aptly do naturally every day! JWD! (job well done)

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