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Shanghai Company Converts Cloth into Custom Promotional Materials

April 28, 2017

, or Kāi tiān pì dì, is part of an ancient Chinese legend about the creation of the world.

When Andy Liu was forming his business in Shanghai, China, he decided the Chinese name of the company would be 匹帝 or pì dì, which is about creation.  For the company’s English name, he wanted to stay true to the Chinese name, but felt he needed more than just pì dì.

Lui remembers, “It was 2006, the year I was creating my company, so I named it  Pdyear, meaning the year of creation.”

Every year since, Pdyear has helped their customers create memorable exhibits and promotional materials. From custom made tents to beach flags to table covers, Pdyear can print virtually any color, logo or message, on cloth.


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