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Why Does My Package Go Through Memphis? Answers Revealed!

November 2, 2016

Ever track a FedEx Express package and wondered why it goes through Memphis when there was clearly a more direct route?

Have you heard that every package in the USA goes through Memphis?

Is this true, or just an urban legend?

These are some of the top questions FedEx Customer Service fields every day.

In our series on FedEx operations around the world, we’ll find out the truth about Memphis and see how the FedEx Express hub and spoke system is the most efficient way to move packages.

Missed the other chapters of FedEx Operations?  Look no further.

One of the Most Modern FedEx Express Hubs in the World

This FedEx Express Hub is a global powerhouse with team members from over 37 different countries. Check out the hub that can sort almost 18,000 packages per hour and is one of the most modern and eco-friendly in the entire world.

Inside an Ultra-Modern Hub in Europe

Behind the Scenes at the Memphis Super Hub
The Super hub in Memphis is the largest FedEx Express hub in the world.  Millions of packages go through Memphis every day, which helps fuel e-commerce around the world and makes it possible to order a package online, and have it delivered the very next day.

Inside the FedEx Express World Hub


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    Simply amazing!!! I’m simply amazed with how our Company is so innovative, and leading in the air cargo industry with excellent performance!!!!

    Liseth Martinez says:

    This video is awesome!!

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