Culture of Safety

In the spirit of always putting safety above all, FedEx is dedicated to continuously improving our safe work practices. We actively promote and support a culture of health and safety for the benefit of our employees, the employees of the businesses with which we contract, and the community.
Each business day, FedEx delivers more than seven million packages to customers in more than 220 countries and territories. Managing a global network of people, facilities, trucks, aircraft and technology demands that safety and health principles are strategically incorporated into all aspects of our business.
The critical focus we place on safety is eloquently expressed by our company’s founder and CEO, Frederick W. Smith. “Just as we seek to continuously improve the service we provide to our customers, we must also continuously improve the practices and procedures that can make our workplace even safer for our employees.”
Comprehensive safe workplace education is an integral part of our operations’ training programs that, in many cases, exceed regulatory requirements. A global network of safety professionals works closely with management and employees on methods to avoid injuries and accidents, and with service providers to ensure accountability for safety. Safety personnel also monitor compliance with safety regulations and procedures, and conduct exhaustive investigations to determine the root causes of accidents so that unsafe acts can be reduced or prevented.
FedEx believes in a “best practices” approach toward safety. For example, frontline employees on Quality Action Teams identify potential gaps and propose improvements to safety procedures. And for the 75,000-plus drivers of FedEx-branded vehicles on the road every day, accident prevention is the focus, a goal supported by safe driving standards that emphasize safety and professionalism on the road at all times.
FedEx invests millions of dollars in equipment and technology to prevent injuries and accidents in our operations, both on the ground and in the air. The company’s fleet of aircraft benefit from safety technology borne of an aggressive strategic development program that has led to numerous innovative safety applications. Pilot training also is an essential element of the company’s well-rounded safety program, complementing the skills of the men and women responsible for the safe transport of goods and freight around the globe.
We are passionate about recognizing and rewarding individuals who consistently uphold safety each and every day. Each year, individual locations are recognized for outstanding safety performance. Accident-free driving is recognized through award programs that celebrate safe-driving milestones. In fact, thousands of drivers have logged millions of miles without an accident over the span of their careers.
In the more than 35 years FedEx has operated, dedicated employees have made significant strides to increase workplace safety. At FedEx Express alone, injury and illness rates have decreased by almost half. While we take pride in our efforts and strong results, we will continue to challenge ourselves to do even more to make our workplace safer.
For more information on safety at FedEx, see recent results from the National Truck Driving Championships.