Environmental Sustainability

fedex environmental sustainabilityAt FedEx, we believe that the success of our business and the future of our environment are deeply intertwined. Our focus is simple: to connect the world in responsible and resourceful ways. Our commitment starts with our operations but also extends to include environmental stewardship in the communities we serve.

We support cleaner, healthier and more efficient communities through a variety of philanthropic and volunteer efforts. Our enterprise-wide sustainability program, EarthSmart, includes outreach efforts that focus on three areas:

  • Sustainable Transportation: Benefits the environment by reducing emissions and congestion, enhancing safety and expanding accessibility.
  • Sustainable Cities: Supports healthy, environmentally responsible urban environments through the conservation and restoration of parks and green space along with sustainable development practices.
  • Sustainable Ecosystems: Promotes ecosystem viability by supporting sustainable forestry, rehabilitating natural habitats impacted by disaster and improving disaster resilience.

For more information, read our latest report on Global Citizenship Programs in Environmental Sustainability, visit our Earthsmart site or read the FedEx Global Citizenship Report.