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FedEx innovationInnovation Culture
FedEx was built upon innovation, and it continues to be an integral part of the FedEx culture and business strategy. Our commitment to a creative, open culture propels the development of ideas, products and services that empower our customers to grow their businesses around the world.

FedEx created a new and distinct market over thirty years ago when it began providing customers access to next-business-day delivery service. Since its inception, Frederick W. Smith’s vision for the company has helped develop our rich history of innovation.

In 1978, Fred Smith was famously quoted as saying, “The information about the package is just as important as the package itself.” Today, FedEx provides customers access to near real-time information that has enabled new supply chain models and efficiencies. This unprecedented access to information is connecting customers around the world to economic markets and communities.

Whether it is through web services, alternative energy practices or the development of new technology, FedEx sees innovation as a strategic business practice that is continuously enhanced, developed and encouraged — and it’s what keeps us in front of the marketplace.

FedEx Innovation
It’s clear that at FedEx, innovation is in our DNA. All employees are tasked with innovation as part of their day-to-day job. But there’s one group focused solely on developing future game-changing ideas: FedEx Innovation. FedEx Innovation is a cross-discipline team aimed at identifying emerging customer needs and technologies to change what’s possible through innovative solutions and businesses. The team systematically researches and demonstrates bold new concepts in key opportunity spaces and develops the best concepts with accelerated prototyping, incubation, and commercialization. Long-range goals to increase revenue and drive strategic advantage are supported through fostering a leading-edge innovation culture, methods, and thinking throughout FedEx and its international network of alliances and customers.

Continuing the FedEx commitment to the pursuit and development of new technologies, we strive to provide innovative solutions and services for customers. Just one of these solutions is SenseAwareSM powered by FedEx,, a groundbreaking sensor-based logistics service that pairs a multi-sensor device with a web-based shipment monitoring and collaboration application. SenseAware enables customers to monitor their shipments in near real-time — with information like temperature, location and exposure to light — and share this information continually with their supply chain partners.

FedEx operates on the leading edge of movement and technology, and it is at this intersection where the Innovation team creates game-changing competitive advantages.

The FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis
The FedEx Institute of Technology is where science, business and industry intersect at the University of Memphis for advanced research. A versatile, high-tech facility, the Institute is ideal for think-tank sessions, corporate retreats, training and national conferences.

The FedEx Institute of Technology is home to cutting-edge research teams working in areas such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, geospatial analysis, multimedia arts and nanotechnology. It also serves as a gateway for businesses to collaborate with University of Memphis researchers. In all, the Institute is home to over 150 faculty members, researchers and staff.

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