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Our People


Our volunteer efforts stem from a simple premise. As members of numerous communities around the world, we have a responsibility to help make each of them a better place.

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That idea has been a fundamental part of our culture since we were founded in 1973. Our team members volunteer thousands of hours each year. Many do so on their own. Others take advantage of companywide programs that include:

  • EarthSmart Outreach, a collaboration with the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation that sees FedEx team members volunteer on conservation and restoration projects.
  • March for Babies, a March of Dimes walkathon that raises money each year to help prevent premature births, birth defects, and infant mortality.
  • FedEx Cares Week, an annual event in which our team members all over the world do everything from renovating playgrounds and planting trees to working at food banks, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, and teaching children about pedestrian safety.

We’ve always understood that our role is much larger than the services we provide. Volunteerism is a proud tradition for us, a way to bring about positive change and foster respect for each other and the communities we serve.

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