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FedEx Supply Chain

The roots of FedEx Supply Chain stretch back to Critical Parts Supply, a centralized distribution service for customers’ time-sensitive inventory. Introduced by Federal Express in 1974, the service pioneered the concept of end-of-runway product fulfillment. The company rebranded it as PartsBank in 1977 after expanding it to include inventory management and warehouse solutions. As PartsBank matured, it stepped up its focus on delivering high-speed, time-definite, and information-intensive solutions.

Meanwhile, Roadway Services Inc. formed a new subsidiary, Roadway Logistics Systems, in 1989. The company quickly became a respected competitor in the contract logistics sector. In 1996, Roadway Logistics became Caliber Logistics as part of its parent company’s rebranding as Caliber System Inc. When FedEx Corp. acquired Caliber System in 1998, Caliber Logistics and PartsBank joined to form FedEx Supply Chain.

FedEx Supply Chain has significantly expanded its capabilities and global presence in the years since. The acquisition of leading third-party logistics providers in the U.K., India, Mexico, and Brazil increased its network of central and forward stocking locations. In 2011, it developed and introduced FedEx® Global Supply Chain Manager, a fully automated portal that gives customers visibility to their critical inventory, orders, and shipments around the world from a single platform.

Today FedEx Supply Chain focuses on providing integrated services for customers with high-value products or complex supply chain requirements in the healthcare, high-tech, and aerospace industries in more than 24 countries across all FedEx regions. Its portfolio of services includes FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics®, FedEx® Fulfillment Services, FedEx® Transportation Management, and the FedEx® Healthcare Shared Network.

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