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Access: The Best in Innovation and Ideas for a Connected World

What Is AccessWhen we launched Access 10 years ago as our review of the people, places and things defining global opportunity and connectivity, many of our stories reported on concepts that held promise for the future but were little more than prototypes or ideas on paper. Take the smartphone: An idea under development a decade ago, it has since changed the way we live, work and play. More than 200 million Americans own a smartphone today, twice as many as just five years ago — and worldwide numbers are on track to reach 2 billion this year and an astounding 6 billion by 2020.

It’s clear we’re in the midst of a mobile revolution — one that includes not only digital-mobile technology but also all of the personal, logistical and social changes critical to e-commerce. That’s why, to mark the 10th anniversary of the award-winning Access program, we’re exploring how mobility is reshaping the globe.

From profiles of innovative companies to exclusive interviews with thought leaders to insights into trends, research and policies, Access reports on the topics that will help you find ways to forge your own connections and prosper

Access 25

Explore the Access 25, our list of the people, places and things defining global opportunity and connectivity. Slideshow highlights include Wi-Fi balloons, robotic exoskeletons, and apps designed to help farmers and schoolchildren.

Reporting from Dubai

Raj Subramaniam, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications, FedEx Services, shares his insights on what’s behind Dubai’s unstoppable rise as he walks the souks of the city-state.

M-commerce in Miniature

Margo Georgiadis, President, Americas Operations, Google, discusses what companies need to do to stay on top of the latest mobile-commerce trends, including important digital sessions known as “micro-moments.”