Point of View

Point of View

Access: The Best in Innovation and Ideas for a Connected World

What Is Access

More than 40 years ago, FedEx became a disrupter — an inventor of an industry — and we’ve prized innovation ever since. Today, our thought-leadership platform, Access, celebrates that spirit by showcasing a new generation of disruptors — we call them Young Innovators — on the verge of the next big idea.

Through videos, company profiles, interviews and more, Access explores how technology, transportation and open borders combine to lift people, businesses and communities to higher standards of living around the world.

Our Connected Future

The latest issue of Access dives into how connected cars, architecture, schools and workplaces will change the way we live.

The Access FYI

Explore The Access FedEx Young Innovators (FYI) List of 20 people, places and ideas shaping the future of a connected world. See new ways technology can aid humanitarian missions, enhance quality of life and connect entrepreneurs to opportunity.

A Day in the Life of a Connected City

Get a glimpse at our connected future, over the course of a single day in two of the world’s most innovative cities — Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark.