At FedEx, we are committed to full transparency and sound corporate governance. We frequently distribute related company information to ensure all our stakeholders are fully informed and knowledgeable.

Available publications and reports include:

FedEx Corporate Brochure
Download the FedEx corporate brochure to learn more about what FedEx is delivering today.

FedEx Annual Report
Download the latest FedEx Annual Report and find out how our momentum is positioning FedEx to achieve strong earnings.

FedEx Global Citizenship Report
Read about how FedEx is committed to sustainably connecting the world, and enhancing the long-term value of the company for our shareholders and for the communities and businesses that rely on our services.

Access Magazine and Website
Discover thought-leading insights on global opportunities for businesses and communities.

Diverse Appeal
Learn more about FedEx and its commitment to diversity in the Diverse Appeal, a magazine that celebrates the business benefits of diversity and inclusion at FedEx.