Safe Kids Worldwide

kidsTogether with Safe Kids Worldwide, we established the Walk This Way program to teach safe behaviors to motorists and child pedestrians and create safer, more walkable communities. The goal of the joint initiative is to prevent pedestrian-related injuries to children. Since the launch of the program in 2000, Walk This Way has spanned the globe, enabling FedEx volunteers to reach families in hundreds of communities throughout the U.S. and around the world.
Safe Kids Walk This Way programming includes annual events as well as year-round initiatives. With programs in ten countries - U.S, China, Brazil, India, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines - each year tens of thousands of children, teachers and parents join FedEx volunteers in celebrating International Walk to School Day activities. These local celebrations include mass walks to school, educational programs and opportunities for community leaders to shine a light on a particular pedestrian safety issue in their communities. Important local issues have included unsafe intersections, schools that lack crossing guards, and streets where there are no safe sidewalks.
Making the areas where children walk safer is critical to keeping kids out of harm’s way all year long. To address these concerns, Safe Kids and FedEx created the Safe School Zone grant program. Each grantee forms a task force comprised of key members of the community working together to improve a specific walking environment for child pedestrians. These intervention areas are often near schools, and the improvements range from installing radar speed signs to adding countdown signals with child-friendly buttons. Through this grant program, a task force in Dallas, Texas, was able to relocate a bus stop, add safety wheelchair ramps and install a new fence to keep students away from the public street at a local school. In Greenville, N.C., after a radar speed sign and new crosswalk were added to an area school — police reported that the number of “speeding in a school zone" citations decreased.
Safe Kids and FedEx also work together to remind children, parents and motorists of important safety tips around Halloween. Halloween is one of the most dangerous days of the year for child pedestrians —on average, children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on other days of the year. To increase awareness about these risks and promote safe behaviors for motorists and child pedestrians, Walk This Way programming around Halloween includes participating in community-based Halloween events; distributing safety tips and giveaways that increase visibility, such as reflective trick-or-treat bags and blinking lights; and working with local and national media outlets to help spread the word about safe driving and walking for this particular night.
Each year, thousands of FedEx team members around the world volunteer their time and expertise to support Safe Kids. For more information about Safe Kids Worldwide and the Walk This Way program, please visit