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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Environment and Efficiency

We constantly strive to do more with less, reducing our environmental footprint even as we deepen the ways we connect the global economy. We’re always looking for ways to pick up and deliver shipments efficiently, seek out new forms of renewable energy, and help make communities and the planet more sustainable for future generations.

To hold ourselves accountable, we set ambitious goals and track and report our progress along the way. Our roadmap for operating in increasingly more sustainable ways is called EarthSmart®, which includes:

  • FedEx solutions that help improve our sustainability, such as our carbon-neutral envelope shipping program. Since we launched the program in 2012, we’ve shipped more than 300 million envelopes and invested in projects calculated to offset the associated carbon — more than 150,000 metric tons.
  • Programs that engage team members, such as FedEx Fuel Sense, which examines every phase of aircraft operations. Since 2007, FedEx Fuel Sense has saved 247 million gallons of jet fuel, enough to fill 374 Olympic-size swimming pools.
  • Philanthropic and volunteer programs, such as our support for EMBARQ, the World Resources Institute’s Center for Sustainable Transport. This organization helps safely and economically connect people living in emerging countries, such as Brazil, India, and Mexico, to jobs and a better life.

Learn more about our commitment to efficiency and the environment in the Global Citizenship Report.

Environmental Policy Statement


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