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Social Responsibility

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Want to know how much we’ve reduced our aircraft CO2 emissions? How we empower small businesses to build global markets? How we support communities devastated by natural disasters? Or how we contribute our resources and time to make our roads safer for children and pedestrians?

You can find the answers and much more in our annual Global Citizenship Report (GCR).

The GCR tracks FedEx citizenship strategies, goals, programs and progress across our four pillars:

  • Economics & Access: Connect people to global opportunities that help businesses prosper and their communities flourish.
  • Environment & Efficiency: Create more efficient networks for our customers while minimizing our environmental impact.
  • Community & Disaster Relief: Use our infrastructure, our resources and our people to help communities worldwide.
  • People & Workplace: Foster a culture dedicated to making every FedEx experience outstanding.

Take a few minutes to review the GCR. You’ll find stories about our passion, programs and progress that may inspire your efforts to create a more sustainable world.

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