Nicholle Bittlingmeyer
Freshman at The Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College

Studying: Music Performance

My Career Plans: Opera singer; voice teacher

My Definition of Access: Access is technology unifying the whole world through the ability to communicate and develop ways of life.

When my mother first handed me the paper describing this essay, I looked at her like she had three heads. “What the heck is access?” I asked her. I read more information on the term and was at a loss. I couldn’t seem to attain any sort of comprehension of it. I was literally angry that I couldn’t understand why this word seemed to hold so much power.

I sat down a few nights later on my laptop and went on the popular social networking website Facebook. A message popped up from my cousin Michelle, who lives in Ecuador. We were talking for a long while, and the topic...

Balakrishnan Rangan
First-year MBA student at the University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business

Studying: Finance

Career Plans: I am planning to take up a Corporate Finance role after graduation, building business and functional expertise before moving on to leadership positions.

My Definition of Access: Access is the invisible network that connects every entity (human or business) to every other entity, surpassing geographical, political, economic and cultural boundaries.

The question flashing at me on my computer screen was “Prague is the capital of?” I clicked on “Czech Republic”, which was one of the four choices presented to me. There was a new message flashing now — “That’s correct! You have just donated 10 grains of rice”. It took me a moment to realize the sheer complexity of what had just happened. I had clicked on...

Edgar Bounds IV
Senior at the University of Mississippi

Studying: Anthropology and Biology

Career Plans: I want to bridge the gaps among people around the globe through user-centric web design, written communication and intelligent software.
My Definition of Access: Access is the ability of an individual to overcome the barriers between himself and any person, idea or resource. 

The Future of Access: Embracing through the Wormhole
I am Edgar Leonard Bounds IV. Though I wonder from time to time if in some contexts it might sound antique or even pretentious, I’ve always loved my name. It connects me through time and space to my father and his father and grandfather. I treasure my name in part because it is one of the few connections I have to these three men, all who lived relatively short lives. For the most part my paternal line and...