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2011 FedEx Global Citizenship Report

August 20, 2012

We are pleased to announce that the 2011 FedEx Global Citizenship Report is now available for review and download. When we first started reporting in 2008, we envisioned an all-digital and print on demand platform. But, we were unable to do so at the time. As a result, we chose to publish our report in print, using small print runs, with a goal to transition to an all-digital and print on demand platform.

We are making progress in this year’s 2011 FedEx Global Citizenship Report. It details our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) progress as a brand new digital scorecard located at With a simple click of the mouse, you can find the content, download data graphics and access PDFs containing additional context.

We are quite pleased about that. And, if you need to, you can print it as well. We think it’s consistent with the choices we give. For example, with documents customers can use the FedEx Office Print Online service with digital transmission and local printing, or, they can use the new FedEx Carbon-Neutral Envelope Shipping, which takes the carbon out of shipping FedEx Envelopes worldwide at no additional cost.

The 2011 FedEx Global Citizenship Report continues to track our progress in the following four key areas:

Economics & Access:
It is always about connections. FedEx strives to help facilitate the single largest economy – global trade and services. We do this through our global physical network. But, importantly, we do so through our digital network as well. And, if you think about it, it goes back to the thought expressed years ago by Frederick W. Smith, “Information about the package is as important as the package itself.” So, our digital and physical networks provide increased global Access, giving people everywhere the means to connect to thriving markets with value.

Environment & Efficiency:
A few years back, FedEx set goals for some of its biggest environmental impacts since we realized that an operation as big as this had to. And, we’ve been making progress towards those goals – for instance, 13.8 percent reduction in aviation emissions intensity on an emissions per available-ton-mile basis through FY2011. For this reason, we decided to raise our targeted reduction goal for aviation emissions’ intensity by 50 percent with the same target end date – from a 20 percent reduction to a 30 percent reduction by the year 2020. On our vehicles’ goal, we’ve achieved a 16.6 percent improvement in fuel economy through FY2011. Stay tuned for more on this. From these and other aspects, we are finding that there is definitely more that we can do.

Community & Disaster Relief:
Given that we operate every day in the best of times, we seek to assist where it makes sense when it is the worst of times. Organizations like the American Red Cross and Direct Relief International rely on our networks in times of disasters simply because we can get there when others can’t.

In FY11, we utilized 5.2 million pounds of space for charitable shipping –- the equivalent of 87 Boeing 757s – and helped transport critical supplies in the wake of the Japanese Tsunami, the Haiti Earthquakes and the Somali famine. You’ll also find data on our charitable giving and how our 300,000 team members give back to their communities around the world.

People & Workplace:
Employee engagement surveys have been a part of the team member experience for as long as I can remember. Without taking our cultural pulse, we have no quantifiable way of knowing if our workplace is safe, respectful and rewarding. Ultimately, our success depends on our people and their commitment to make every FedEx experience outstanding – a critical concept for a company that connects 90% of the world’s GDP in 1-3 business days.

FY11 surveys tell us that employee engagement and loyalty score very high.  We’ll also continue to publish demographic information and other items of interest so you can track the programs, benefits and make-up of our workplace.

For further information, the 2011 FedEx Global Citizenship Report includes the following data points:

  • Revenue
  • Operating Income
  • Operating Margin
  • Net Income
  • Diluted Earnings Per Share
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Debt to Total Capitalization
  • Electronic Trade Documents
  • 777F Trade Lanes
  • Enterprise CO2 Emissions
  • Aircraft CO2 Emissions
  • Vehicle Fuel Efficiency
  • Electric & Hybrid-electric Fleet
  • Solar Electricity
  • Renewable Energy Credits
  • Waste Streams
  • Recycling Totals
  • Recycling Percentages
  • ISO14001 Certifications
  • FSC-Certified Paper
  • Charitable Giving
  • Charitable Shipping
  • American Red Cross
  • FIRST Robotics
  • Direct Relief International
  • FedEx Cares Week
  • Safe Kids Walk
  • Full-time U.S. Retention Rate
  • Women in the Work Force
  • Minorities in U.S. Management
  • Diversity in U.S. Work Force
  • Team Member Engagement
  • Supplier Diversity Spending

And, more.


    MayLyn says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful information about more Fedex success! I so fully enjoyed it and I’m grateful to be a volunteer of such a wonderful company! Thanks FedEx!

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