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2012 FedEx Global Citizenship Report

May 23, 2013

Today we released our fifth Global Citizenship Report. In the spirit of continuous improvement, this year’s report aligns with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. It showcases our continued efforts to provide sustainable solutions for our customers and our communities in a more standardized and transparent way. And, importantly, it is an all-digital and print-on-demand platform again this year.

We also have continued to attempt to present information in a well-organized fashion, using the following subjects: Economics & Access, Environment & Efficiency, Community & Disaster Relief, and People & Workplace. In most of these subject areas, you will see more data this year, as well. And, given feedback we received on last year’s report, we have added more stories about some of the initiatives and the teams that carry them out. The intent is to do the following: Use a standardized format for reporting data that stakeholders desire; include stories that illustrate the initiatives we undertake to keep the casual reader engaged; and lay it out in a fashion where the information is easily available for all.

That’s why you will find the site organized into the following sections: (1) Letter from our chairman; (2) 2012 Goals and Progress; (3) two illustrative stories; and, (4) the full report. In each of the four Goals and Progress sections, you can also download that specific section’s report content. So, it should be easy to find information the reader is seeking, whether that be the data, general stories, or the detailed sections of the report.

Here are just a few highlights:

Economics & Access:

To keep the world connected and growing, we promote the value of free trade here in the U.S. and internationally. Through our support and involvement in Export University, more than 55,000 Businesses have learned to trade internationally, greatly boosting their sales, and reducing overhead.

Environment & Efficiency:

The FedEx Express vehicle fuel efficiency goal increased from 20% improvement to 30% improvement by 2020, like we did when the aircraft emissions intensity goal was increased from 20% reduction by 2020 to 30% reduction by 2020. Both measurements are compared to an FY05 baseline. We are also working with The Nature Conservancy to develop a roadmap that will guide the adoption of biofuels for our long-haul segments.

Community & Disaster Relief:

We continue our long-standing support for organizations focused on disaster relief, child pedestrian safety and environmental sustainability; total charitable contributions across all FedEx giving areas totaled $46 million.

People & Workplace:

83 percent of our team members feel like they can make a difference – and they do. Following an idea from our couriers, “zero-package” stops have dropped by almost 3,000 a day.

Four years ago, I wrote that sustainability is a team sport. As you read this year’s report, I hope you will see just how true that is. Our Sustainability Impact Teams, Operating Companies, and our team members themselves are participating in our sustainability efforts, whether that is working on accomplishing our specific goals we have set, innovating and finding new solutions for our operations and customers, or volunteering in the community to help make a difference. As such, I want to thank the FedEx team for all your hard work to helping to achieve this.

In essence, it’s about working to connect the world responsibly and resourcefully.

More information can also be found in this press release.


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