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2016 FedEx Global Citizenship Report: Deliver It Forward

Delivering is our business. Delivering positive impact is our responsibility. Empowering people to deliver it forward is our passion.

March 29, 2016

Global Citizenship Report

Our eighth annual FedEx Global Citizenship Report has just been released. It’s titled Deliver It Forward since it focuses on the need for delivering positive impact around the world.

If you want to deliver it forward, you have to connect. Connecting to reach people. Connecting to transmit wellbeing, or “good” – often through trade, or “goods.” Connecting the world responsibly and resourcefully. That’s what FedEx and its more than 340,000 team members strive to do each and every business day. Because we believe doing so helps enable communities to create jobs, to spur innovation, and to grow their standards of living.

This year’s report is presented in three sections: (1) Economy, (2) Environment, and (3) People. Keen-eyed readers will detect that there used to be a fourth section – Community. It’s still here in this year’s report. But, its been incorporated into the other three sections. The reason is quite simple: community is intrinsically linked to these other three areas. It is impacted by economic development, by and to its environment, and consists of its people.

Some highlights from this year’s report:

Economy / Economic Development:

  • In FY2015 FedEx procured $6.7 billion in goods and services with small, woman-owned and minority-owned suppliers.
  • FedEx invested more than $53 million in community programs in FY2015.
  • We serve more than 220 countries and territories, connecting more than 99% of global GDP and billions of people. This enables economic growth, and social progress for individuals, communities and businesses.


  • FedEx Express surpassed its goal to increase vehicle fuel efficiency by 30% by 2020 – 5 years early, with a cumulative improvement of 33.5% since 2005.
  • The FedEx Fuel Sense program, which seeks efficiencies in aircraft flight operations, has saved more than $1 billion in jet fuel, while avoiding more than 4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions since 2007.
  • FedEx was again recognized by the Solar Energy Industry Association as one of the top U.S. corporate solar users, placing 12th in capacity and 18th for number of sites.


  • FedEx is committed to investing $200 million in 200 communities by 2020.
  • During FY2015, 15,822 team members volunteered 69,065 hours in over 500 cities.
  • FedEx sponsored road safety awareness events in 52 U.S. cities and 18 countries. And, in 2015 we continued our 15 years of work with Safe Kids Worldwide, with 2,893 schools and 1,298,511 students reached in nine countries.

Once again, we hope that this report provides information, insight and value on what FedEx does, how it does so, and why we think it matters.

Clearly, our team members are critical in this regard. And, so, we thank them for their continued efforts, dedication and skill to fulfill The Purple Promise and deliver it forward.

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