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Oprah’s Favorite Things: Packed & Shipped by FedEx Office ‘Elves’

December 14, 2017

For the 7th consecutive year, FedEx Office has packed and shipped the wildly popular gifts for Oprah’s annual Favorite Things list. Helping deliver these gifts to the 14 lucky winners is no small task. It requires several trips to the magazine’s headquarters, hours of careful packing and shipping and an expertise in making sure each gift arrives safely to the recipients.

We caught up with some of the FedEx Office “elves” who provide the muscle behind the magic: Monique Brock-Pate, Krystle Delgado, and Elecia Roberts.

What are the most interesting gifts you’ve packed for Oprah’s Favorite Things?

Krystle: We would always fall in love with almost every single gift. One year she had these beautiful bath bombs in form of cupcakes and shot glasses made out of salt. Those had to be my favorites.

Monique: … if I had to choose it would be the exquisite pot set. I absolutely adored them.

What are your favorite memories from Oprah’s Favorite Things?

Elecia: Working with Monique and Krystle, and being an ‘elf’ while posing for a picture with the three of us inside a 28-inch cube box.

Monique: I look forward to it every year.  Being a part of this project exemplifies teamwork at FedEx Office. The ladies and I had so much synergy that it just worked, and it didn’t seem like work at all. But, make no mistake about it, it was a lot of work.

Krystle: Overall, the entire experience has been amazing. The staff at O, The Oprah Magazine are always kind and welcoming—an absolute pleasure to work with. Best memories for me would have to be the mini elf photo shoots, and the pleasure of meeting Oprah’s best friend, Gayle.

Here are some fun facts on the packing process:

  • This year, there are 102 gifts for 14 sweepstakes winners.
  • It takes about half a day for the FedEx Office elves to professionally pack the wrapped gifts and prepare them to ship.
  • It also takes lots of supplies. On average:
    • 325 boxes (various sizes)
    • 25 rolls of tape
    • 10 boxes of loose fill
    • 9 rolls of bubble cushioning
    • 3 tape guns
    • 3 box cutters
    • 3 scoring tools (carton sizer)

Want to go behind-the-scenes with our packing elves? See them in action here – watch our packing pros take on one of their biggest jobs this holiday season.

For more information on FedEx Office pack and ship capabilities, click here.

(click here download the infographic below as pdf)


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