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FedEx & IMC Respond to Ebola Outbreak in DRC

July 20, 2018

ebola relief supplies

International Medical Corps continues its ongoing fight against the spread of the Ebola virus, even after significant progress has been made to contain the deadly infection plaguing the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The non-profit organization set up its portable hospitals in the DRC to help train medical staff in the field in the event of future Ebola outbreaks.  FedEx shipped the field hospitals overseas for IMC in May 2018 as part of a pledge to help deliver emergency supplies where they are needed most.

“Our collaboration with FedEx allows us to do that because we know that we can get the equipment, the shelters, and the supplies that are stored in Memphis quickly to our teams in the DRC so they can begin their work when the doctors and nurses arrive,” said Erica Tavares, Senior Director, Institutional Advancement, International Medical Corps.

The World Health Organization documented 53 cases of Ebola infections, including 29 fatalities during this most recent outbreak.


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