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777 Homecoming: A Personal Story

October 10, 2009

I have been with FedEx since May of 1991. I started working as an Aviation Maintenance Technician in JFK and then moved on to work in Memphis at the Avionics Line Department which handles all aircraft electronic related work before, during and after the hub turn daily. I worked there for eight years.

I then sought a position to be an Avionics Technician at the Memphis Hangar 11/12 Avionics Shop. It’s here that we do all scheduled maintenance for FedEx Airbus and B727, as well as drop in maintenance for the rest of our fleet.

I have been an employee of FedEx Express for 19 years and whenever I have the chance I volunteer for special assignments; such as the B777F Implementation Team which I am a part of today. I have been living and breathing B777F for the last year and have come to really enjoy the aircraft. I had the great opportunity to be part of the pre-delivery team that traveled to Everett, WA to receive the airplane. I owe this honor to a very good manager and to all that support him as well; my director of Aircraft Line Maintenance International and our vice president.

One of the things that my children realize each day I tell them about my job is that I enjoy working in the Aviation Field. When we look at a FedEx airplane flying above us I can tell them that I worked on it. This career is non-traditional for women and each time I get a chance to participate in Career Day at my children’s school or at Aviation High School (where I got my licenses to work on airplanes A&P). I do this with great pride, because I like to share with everyone, especially children, that aviation is a great career for anyone.

I’m thrilled that today, my children are able to be a part of a memorable company occasion, and along with my colleagues and team members, welcome the FedEx Express 777F home to Memphis.


    Robert Medlin says:

    I was honored to be at the hangar yesterday for the delivery celebration of the 777F to our fleet! I was so proud to be a FedEx Employee! I have been with FedEx for 3 years and it is such a great company to work for! I worked for a major airline and was layed off twice in 5 years. To see our company invest in our future during the current economic conditions is a source of great pride. While, most companies are laying off employees and cutting spending FedEx is positioning for the future. This new aircraft is a tribute to U.S. inovation and I am happy our addition was made in the U.S.A.! It is true that when you work for FedEx your blood runs purple!

    Katie says:

    My husband works in the Aviation Field as well, and he constantly shares stories about his job with our family. Our kids love airplanes!

    Angela says:

    I also went to the hangar on Saturday with my family. My kids were so excited to be there and proud that their mother was part of FedEx. I truly appreciate the company taking the time to celebrate its future with its extended family. We very much enjoyed ourselves. I’m now determined to figure out ways to fill that 777F…

    Marie McVay says:

    Kudos to the Corporate Planning group for once again pulling off a fantastic family event on Saturday. My grandkids had so much fun touring airplanes, playing Putt-Putt, video games, getting their faces painted and receiving balloon animals and a free t-shirt. Will Tucker’s band ROCKED! It was a great way to spend a Saturday with your loved ones.

    Wow, what a huge plane! The addition of the 777F to our fleet will enable us to continue to expand and grow our business! More business means more opportunities for all of us.

    I am proud to work for a company that keeps family in the forefront as we prepare for the future.

    Kelly Graham says:

    I take great pride in being a FedEx employee. I’ll soon enter my tenth year with the company and I plan to celebrate many more years to come. Sharing in Saturday’s celebration of our newest aircraft was an awesome experience for me and my family. FedEx has been a name in our family for all or most of my children’s lives.
    Saturday’s celebration was a delight and I am truly proud to work for such an wonderful company. And as I’ve seen in previous comments, if you work at FedEx, your blood does run purple!

    Ronnie White says:

    I was very imppressed being one of Federal Express employees who witnessed the celebration of the 777F to our fleet. Simply awesome,simply awesome.


    Hi Sele,

    I’d like to know what school you went to? And what made you want to work with FedEx?

    Ken says:

    How much did the fly-by cost?

    In this time of permanent salary reductions, 401-K match suspension, incentive elimination, and cancellation of merit increases, there are better ways to spend money.

    Walk-through tours of the plane? Fine. Special fly-by? No. I think everyone knows what an airplane does, demonstrations are unnecessary.

    Catina Moore-Shears says:

    My husband and I are both employees so to be able to volunteer on the 777 receive team and have my entire family there to witness such a historic event was ABSOLUTLY POSITIVLY increible. The huge turnout was a testiment that we really do love what we do. It was one of my proudest moments with Fedex.

    I speak not with the liberty for those of us that work behind the scenes, but with pride; our task of ensuring everyones safety is at the tip of the sword. And although we are often never mentioned in what we do during such events, our commitment, and dedication to serve, protect, and secure all our employees, make events such as this truely, a proud moment to be apart of the FedEx brand.

    Mike says:

    I love the 777!! I have always loved Boeing products…Hopefully it stops in BOS!

    Webster says:

    Special thanks to all those who volunteered to direct traffic, keep the crowd moving, help with the plane tours, give directions, drive the buses, setup the displays and stages, facilitate the children’s games and the multitude of other things behind the scenes. The people who planned this event and the all the volunteers did a great job which made this a very enjoyable experience.

    Brad Ward says:

    Sele, I enjoyed reading your B777 personal story. I’ve also enjoyed working with you on at least one of your B777 projects and others as well. Regarding the part about your children, it’s really a delight to see their amazement with our work at FedEx. I think that you’re obviously a great role model for them to look up to for inspiration in their lives.

    Shobha Iyer says:

    I absolutely enjoyed the 777F family event and want to thank the company and everyone that made this event possible. My 5 and 2 year olds are still talking about the plane and this will probably be the only time they will be in the cockpit of a plane in a long long time. Thankyou.

    "Smitty Joe" - MEM HGR AOG OPS says:

    Hello Sele,

    Very nice story and I’d enjoyed working with you in MEM HGR 11/12.

    Be blessed and Take care! 🙂


    Travonne Deener says:

    BRAVO ZULU to the special team and everyone who work together on getting the 777F prepared for this day.

    Sele williamson you are a good role model!!

    Sele says:


    Thank you so much. You are also part of the reason we have such great team dynamics.


    Sele says:

    Hello Danielle;

    I attended Aviation High School in New York City. I got hired at a very young age @ FedEx, but I was happy that friends who worked at FedEx encouraged me to apply for a job here. As you can see it was a blessing.

    Ben says:

    I’m glad to see an Aviation H.S. alum making such a difference for our company!

    Leah Lombardo says:

    “Ken” (no last name),
    In these times, sometimes pride in your company may be the only reason to stay with a company. All companies are going through hard times right now. Every one of us has close contact to people who have been affected by this economy much harder then we have. I am talking about job loss, lay off, 0 raises for the last 2 years, no pension plan of any kind, no possibility of 401k match not in the past and defiantly not in the future, and last but not least medical benefit costs, not only costing $500 per month or more for less coverage then we have, but medical benefits completely being eliminated. In short Ken I will take pride in my company and its accomplishments whenever I can and you can keep your negative postings.
    I am sure that would have multiple listings to help you in your endeavor to work for a better (in your mind) company then FedEx.
    Good Luck

    Leah Lombardo says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. Not being located in MEM we do not get to see as many of the wonderful things that our company accomplishes. Keep these posts coming!

    Ron Goldfarb says:

    And you all do it so well!


    yuz/kulrc-my says:

    I love airplanes and our latest “Saad” is such a beauty!

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