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777F: FedEx Drives Value Back to Customers

August 16, 2010

Asia Pacific is one of FedEx fastest growing regions. The region’s GDP growth is forecast to rise to 7.5% in 2010 and moderate to 7.3% in 2011, marking a healthy rebound from the 2009 slowdown . With Asia leading the global recovery, FedEx has focused our efforts on improving connections with the region and helping our customers tap into the opportunities that are arising. One of those efforts is the introduction of the 777F.

In fact, FedEx is the first in the industry to own a fleet of 777F and introduce a 777F service. It represents, in many ways, not only a strategic competitive advantage for FedEx, it signifies our continuous commitment to protect and enhance our service for our customers.

Without doubt, the 777F is a technologically advanced aircraft, with greater flight range and more capacity. Its long range capabilities allow for direct long-haul regional connections – without the need for fuel stops. The expanded capacity of the aircraft enables FedEx to meet customers’ increasing expectations and demands for service in the region. At present, our 777F service connects key Asian cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Osaka directly to our Super Hub in Memphis. For customers in Shanghai or Hong Kong, this translates to an improvement of cut-off times by two hours – which means more time to prepare their shipments.

The 777F is yet another testament of how FedEx is driving value back to our customers. We have and will continue to make targeted investments in areas that matter to our customers, which ultimately positively positions the company in the long term.

Unique advantages of B777

  • FedEx Express is the largest all-cargo airline in the world, and the triple seven is best in class for international express freighters. It allows FedEx Express to offer its global customers unmatched service with later cutoff times, is environmentally friendly and saves on maintenance and operating costs.
  • More freight, less time
    • Two-hour improvement in cutoff times for customers in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
      • Best cutoff times in the Asia-Pacific market for shipments to the United States.
    • Already taking market share.
  • Environmentally friendly.
    • Eighteen percent more fuel efficient than MD-11.
  • Lower costs
    • Lower maintenance and operating costs than any aircraft in its class.

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    Charlie King says:

    How does the 777 compare to the new Boeing Dreamliner, which is supposed to have excellent fuel/range?

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