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A Gift for Freedom Service Dogs

January 3, 2012

Judy McMillan, from FedEx in Denver, wrote to our department to see if we could help in moving donated Purina pet foods for Freedom Service Dogs. It is within the city of Denver and the shelter did not have the capability of picking up the food, so FedEx came to the rescue. Here is Judy’s thank you:

You all said, “Yes, Judy you can ask.”  You all said, YES!  Lisa Daniel in Memphis said yes!!!  You all are going to participate in the movement of dog food that Purina donates to Freedom Service Dogs (FSD)! You have no idea what a HUGE help this will be to all. 

They just received confirmation from the Veteran’s Affairs that they are 1 of 3 that have been chosen – the other 2 are in FL – to show that dogs help our Veteran’s with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome).  Which means the government wants them to train 40 more dogs next year. (they usually do 30) for our Veterans.  Naturally, that involves more dog food.  It would likely get near impossible to get all this dog food moved without the help of FedEx Express.

PTSD is when a person has some very high anxiety from trauma.  Our vets come home and many cannot go into a public place.  Their brain is on constant alert as if they were still in combat.  There’s much more to this PTSD. (you can Google such).  Bottom line the dog can help give his/her life back! If limbs, PTSD or other situations are a challenge to a person a dog can be of service.  I’ve seen them help with getting a person’s socks off and on among many, many other challenges for a person.  As well as helping our Veterans so they can go into a public place again, can be around the beautiful noise of their young children when returning home from a war zone, etc.  This organization changes lives.

Today I witnessed where a couple of these dogs were under “animal control” and ready to be “thrown away” but someone saw something more in the dog and started the ball rolling in a different direction.  The dog that was about to be thrown away is now changing a Veteran’s life!!!  Get the right situation for a dog and a person and miracles happen! (give me the box of Kleenex….true story and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house!)

FSD adopts the dog from shelters.  FSD does not sell the dog to the person who is in need of a dog.  They GIVE the dog to them. Naturally, there are very specific guidelines so that dog and client are matched well and can be successful together.

FSD operates on donations.  So, THANK YOU!  Thank you for helping!  This organization has become a passion for me.  They are helping full circle for all involved and I feel honored to be helping them in any way I can. I’ve been fostering dogs on the weekends…..this one I’ve had for weeks however.  For me this is a good thing! I’m looking forward to doing more things for them.  What I can, when I can.

So, THANK YOU ALL for going outside the box and going above and beyond!  I can hardly wait for the first movement of dog food.  The team of FedEx Express is expanding the lives of 2 and 4-legged!


    Denny says:

    Excellent story. I used it in our station’s daily bulletin! What a generous gift for veterans from FedEx and FSD.

    Simonne Walvisch says:

    Great story !

    I had never heard of PTSD till I read the book Until Tuesday by Luis Carlos Montalván that book made such an impact on me that it crawled under my skin and didn’t let go. Luis has a service dog and it changed his life completely.
    I really hope you will read the book as it’s about spiritual healing between a dog and his man.

    Elin G says:

    Great story!

    Pet Boarding Services says:

    Hi Lisa, very good story.

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