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A Large Order of Beds, One Anesthesia Machine and a Van, to Go, Please.

November 17, 2008

When you’re in a hurry and need some food immediately, you pull up to a fast food take out window and place a quick order. It’s filled on the spot. Direct Relief International (DRI) has a network of effective charitable organizations around the world. They know when urgently needed medical supplies are required immediately, they can “pull up” to the DRI “window” and place an order. DRI then relies on FedEx to provide rapid and reliable transportation services in support of many of their initiatives.

For 15 years, on a complimentary basis, FedEx has delivered their medicines, medical supplies and medical equipment, valued at $60 million (wholesale), to frontline health providers in 48 countries.

On a recent tour of DRI’s huge warehouse in Santa Barbara, California, I saw, ready for dispatch, a donated van headed to Afghanistan to be used as an ambulance, an anesthesia machine, stacks of refurbished hopital beds, boxes of medicines, and row upon row of massive shelves stocked with a wide range of medical relief supplies.

On Friday, November 10th, DRI celebrated its 60th anniversary. Sixty years helping underserved and hurting people around the world.

Happy birthday DRI ( Thank you for sixty years of service on the spot.


    Thanks for the birthday wishes, Shane! FedEx helps us do amazing things, not only by helping us leverage donations by taking care of our shipping, but providing this critical medical aid to our partners around the world quickly.

    And for those who cannot make out the amorphous blue blob above, it is a 60th anniversary cupcake with white and orange frosting.

    Jim Prosser
    Direct Relief International

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