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A Word of Thanks from Steak Team Mission in Afghanistan

August 31, 2011

steak missionOn behalf of Harvey Gough – Steak Team Mission Founder and the Steak Team Mission Volunteers, we would like to thank FedEx for partnering with us in our endeavor to feed home-style cooked steak dinners to over 2000 very well deserving Marines in Afghanistan.  This mission required that we donate, deliver, cook and feed Marines at Camp Leatherneck and six stations on the front.  Our job of ensuring perfect execution became much easier the day FedEx offered to deliver our food and supplies to Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan following your recently opened direct routes to Dubai.  Even the ice cream stayed frozen in Afghanistan heat.  Thank you.  
We have prepared a short 3 minute photo slide show for your review.  Please click on the link:

Note:  please make sure your computer speakers are on and volume audible.  In addition, you might need to turn up the audio on the show itself. Click on the speaker symbol, bottom right of video.    
We generally run a tight team.  Our team for this mission consisted of 11 volunteers including FedEx’s Western Region DSO Trainer Ralph Perkuhn. Our Marines appreciated our presence and were impressed by the fact that we flew from America to simply cook a steak dinner for them to show our appreciation.  We have received a multitude of letters of appreciation from family members and friends who heard from their serving Marine in Afghanistan about our mission.  The fact that news of this dinner travelled half way around the world serves testimony to the fact that we’re making a difference.  
Thank you to FedEx and its team members, most notably the following individuals, who played an integral role in FedEx’s donation to deliver our food and supplies:
Ralph Perkuhn, Western Region Senior Training Instructor – Ralph is a Steak Team Mission volunteer who assisted in forwarding our proposal on within FedEx and used his vacation to volunteer in Afghanistan and on a prior mission.
Philip Krawczyk, Western Region, Manager Training Operations and Richard Moses, Managing Director HR Operations Training – Messrs. Krawczyk and Moses saw the merit in our proposal request and forwarded it on for consideration.
Lisa T. Daniel, Senior Communication Specialist – Ms. Daniel successfully finalized FedEx’s commitment for the donation of the shipment.
Michael J. Higley, Managing Director, US International and Thomas G. Carpenter, JR Senior Global Freight Movement Administrator – Messrs. Higley and Carpenter managed and organized the shipment of the freight from DFW to Afghanistan and made certain our delivery was POD Afghanistan on time.  Incidentally, Mr. Higley’s son is a Marine currently serving in Afghanistan.

Messrs. Perkuhn, Carpenter and Ms. Daniel were especially pivotal to FedEx’s support of this operation.
Thank you in advance for your consideration of time and more importantly, thank you, to you and to the FedEx team, for supporting this worthwhile endeavor.
Ellen Manzo
Steak Team Mission Volunteer

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