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Absolutely, Positively Unacceptable

December 21, 2011

Along with many of you, we’ve seen the video showing one of our couriers carelessly and improperly delivering a package the other day. As the leader of our pickup and delivery operations across America, I want you to know that I was upset, embarrassed, and very sorry for our customer’s poor experience. This goes directly against everything we have always taught our people and expect of them. It was just very disappointing.

However, from the customer’s perspective, I am pleased to let you know that the matter has been resolved in a very positive way.  We have met with the customer face to face and they already have a  replacement monitor at no cost to them.  They have accepted our apology and say they are fully satisfied with what we’ve done in response to this unacceptable delivery.  They’ve made it clear, though, that they prefer not to be identified in any way, and in this case as always with customers, we fully respect their privacy.

I know you recognize that this absolutely does NOT represent the professionalism and dedication of the 290,000 FedEx team members worldwide. It is one person and one package. While many people are publicly speculating about what will happen to the employee, FedEx takes care to protect team members’ privacy as well as our customers’ privacy.  We do take this matter extremely seriously, and have initiated action in accord with our disciplinary policy, while respecting privacy concerns. Without going into detail, I can assure you that this courier is not delivering customer packages while we are going through this process.

This matter is an unfortunate exception to the outstanding service FedEx team members deliver every single day.  Our customers know and value that service. We have been doing this almost 40 years, and if we weren’t doing it right, we wouldn’t have gained the widespread respect we have enjoyed.  As a matter of fact, we have a very simple motto we try to live by – the Purple Promise: “I will make every FedEx experience outstanding.”  

While this delivery fell way short of those high standards, we are already using it as a learning opportunity. We’ve shared this video internally to remind everyone that every single package is important to you, our customers, and that actions like this are totally unacceptable. We are also going to build this into our training programs as a constant reminder of the importance of earning — and keeping — your trust with every single delivery.  We hope that you, like the customer involved in this incident, will see it as an unfortunate exception that proves the rule that our company cares for its customers.

Matthew Thornton III
Senior Vice President
US Operations
FedEx Express


    Jean says:

    I would just like to say that FedEx has handled this very well. This letter and the actions taken show that they are a company that with pride. Of course this is an isolated incident. I would hope that this would happen even if not filmed or shared.

    Chris says:

    It’s nice to see a letter due to a video that went viral. I also appreciate that you replaced the individuals product as you should. Though it is just a moment out of everyday where I think FedEx lacks in general. Just in the last month alone I’ve had family using your service not have their items show at the correct destination. Secondly I’ve had many things sent to me business related, as I do not receive notices I am receiving something, even having your drivers ring the bell to draw attention to the door verses just dropping off and running away would be a huge improvement in your customer service.

    Michael Burkhart says:

    Thank you!

    John says:

    There will always be mistakes. An essential part of having a reputation for excellence is how mistakes are handled. This IS how it is done by the best companies — like FedEx.

    I will use this situation and FedEx’s announcement above when showing clients how to turn “what a bad FedEx employee, I wonder if all of them are like that?” into “what a great FedEx company for treating its customers so well and for using powerful, humorous, and the most effective employee-training techniques.”

    Rick Ligman says:

    I have be a Fedex Ship Center for 8 years now. I have only seen excellence from all the drivers delivering and picking up from my business. I would recommend shipping with Fedex to anyone needing that service either domestic or international… Rick Ligman

    Christy Schroeder says:

    There are too many people out there desperate for a job to put up with that kind of behavior from an employee. Having said that , I believe in second chances.The employee should be chastized, and a week off, hurting him in the pocket might make a lasting impression. Who knows what kind of frustration he may have had at the time. If there are any past accounts of past such incidents, that shold be taken into account, along with positve comments when he may have taken care to protect a delivery.Thanks to FedEx for publically addressing the situation.The consquence of the drivers actions need not be.

    Julie Doolittle says:

    Thank you so much for caring about this incident. I have to admit that I was very much shocked and would have been extremely angry had it happened to me. I applaud your taking initiative to meet with the customers themselves and to make this right. You do have an excellent record and you do not deserve to be judged by one persons actions. I realized upon watching that it was one person and didn’t think poorly on FedEx or on its employees. My only thought was on the one employee that had done the act and I am glad that you have policies in place to deal with these kinds of incidents. May all FedEx employees and their families have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. 🙂

    Cynthia Dubuque says:

    I’ve personally witnessed a Fed Ex delivery driver throw packages from the back of the truck to the front. I’m sure it occurs with other delivery companies as well, though, I’ve never seen those companies mishandle packages.

    Deborah lake says:

    I have used Fed Ex for business and personal for many years. I have NEVER had any issue and my drivers who deliver are the best!

    William Clements says:


    Great public response. We all appreciate it. I use FedEx all the time and you guys are great.

    Happy Holidays!


    Joel moroney says:

    Good thing it was caught on camera. Imagine trying to comvince you folks otherwise! Glad everyone’s ” privacy” is protected through your “process” i give it till 6pm before the media has the names of all parties involved.

    Kristy Minor says:

    Dear FedEx,

    Thank you for publicly posting your response to this unfortunate situation. What I am seeing more and more is that when someone is unsatisfied with the service they have received, they post or tweet about it, which then spreads to hundreds and thousands of other people. Times have changed so much that it’s no longer our circle of close friends and family to whom we give a negative report about a company’s standards and services. It really impacts your relationship with your customers.

    We need to see more of this kind of response. Thank you for setting an example. I hope other company’s reading this will follow your lead if they are not already giving their customer’s this high level of care and attention. Back in the day the customer was always right. In this day and age that may not be as easily applicable, understandably – that does not however, mean that you should sacrifice your relationship with your customer’s by not treating them with the utmost care and respect deserved to them simply by being your customer.

    I would love to see old fashioned customer service make a comeback and an impact!

    Merry Christmas FedEx! Thank you for handling our packages with CARE!

    James Howard says:

    FedEx the best in Businesses……….

    RF says:

    The USPS and UPS aren’t much better sometimes. I’ve seen numerous packages thrown, dropped and/or kicked by all of these services at one time or another. I didn’t capture it on video (tried but they changed our mail delivery person before I could get the sting set up). I won’t hold this video against FedEx, but I tell you, I didn’t get any help from FedEx when they delivered my package complete with a shattered glass door. They blamed the manufacturer, the manufacturer blamed the shipper. I got screwed in the end. Makes me want to tape my property 24/7 but that won’t help me prove the delivery guy threw my package around in their truck before arriving to “drop” it off on my porch.

    Millie McClave says:

    I must say I have never had an experience like that. FedEx drivers have always been very professional and courteous.

    Caroline says:

    I am very impressed with your quick response to this situation. I literally just saw it on the news and then saw your response posted on facebook.

    I have always had excellent service from FedEx, but as with any company, a careless employee can ruin a reputation very quickly.

    The employee that is in the video is likely cringing every time he see’s it replayed for all the world to see. The Big Dummy!

    Julie says:

    I recently emailed Fed Ex to commend them on exceptional service. ALWAYS professional and I am even more convinced of their commitment to customer service based on the way they ave handled this situation. Well done, as always.

    Sharon Smith Border says:

    My husband, is a courier for Fed Ex out of Wichita Falls, Tex. His response to this was utter unbelief. I am proud to say he values his customers, and their rights to extreme courtesy and is in a state of Un Belief. However, he is extremely proud of his office, and his co-workers, to fully, proudly state, that none of these would act in that way.
    I am proud my husband has the high respect he does for his job, but his compassion for his customers. I believe he works with people on his team, that has and works in that high esteem. I am proud of all them,

    Lynn Winfrey says:

    I worked for FedEx for 27 yrs and some of those years were spent in the Executive Services dept where we handled such situations. I am proud to say that this is exactly how we handle each and every incident without fail. How unfortunate it is that the customer felt the need to put this on such a public media before giving FedEx the chance to make it right. Much damage is done by this kind of publicity.

    Steve says:

    I shipped a package via FedEx to someone’s old address – realized it this morning at 7AM when it was supposed to be delivered today & called FedEx – they were able to deliver it to the right address today at 12:30! Great job & customer service!

    sherri stephens says:

    I apologize for the mishandling of the customer package. Happy we were able to fix the problem and satisfy the customer. Thats what we do best..Matt, very well put. This action is truly unacceptable and out of the norm. Sherri Stephens 77169

    JJ says:

    This happens a lot by parcel carriers. I know this only because these videos are all over youtube. UPS FedEx, USPS and others

    Ian Williams says:

    As one of the most competitive screen printers in the nation who ship packages on a constant basis, we have chosen Fed Ex to be our courier for the past year. Not only has Fed Ex been more cost effective for our operation, but we have experienced the utmost quality customer service possible. Our Fed Ex Ground delivery man, John, has even gone as far as giving me his direct cell phone number in case we have a package that needs an immediate pickup. Even this past week, John came back through our area just for us, because he knew how important our shipment was for our client… We kept our clients happy, and in turn, we were extremely satisfied. It’s funny… we have a shop dog that tends to greet all of our local customers… our dog barks excessively at the UPS guy, and greets our Fed Ex Delivery people with a quiet paw (hand) shake… no joke.

    Thanks again for all your company does for us. We will do everything in our power to ensure other people know our success stories with Fed Ex and your incredible team of people.

    Johanna says:

    I felt very sad about what happened with that package. Thanks so much for reaching out so fast to this customer. I am super proud of the company that I work for. 😉 I hope that people around the world keep trusting us to deliver their packages after that incident.

    Destiny says:

    Could you possible also speak with your employees about ringing the doorbell? They never do, even if the package needs to be signed for. There is always someone home here yet expensive stuff gets delivered outside without any warning.

    Mary says:

    I’ve had less problems with FedEx than the USPS or UPS. There are going to be problems. BUT the fact that you took care of it quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction means a lot!

    Gilberto Mac-Knight says:

    I had the privilege to work with FedEx for almost 10 years and I can really imagine the damage done and the frustration of all personnel involved ina situation like this.
    FedEx was the best school I had and I regret not to be working with them anymore.

    azshopgirlie says:

    Your company is awesome and I would imagine that the public understands one courier’s actions certainly doesn’t represent what you stand for. Your excellent customer service and support of local communities and small business is fantastic. Keep up the great work!

    Ashley says:

    FedEx has earned a strong reputation for a reason and this one isolated situation won’t change my opinion on what a great company they are. I’m also happy to see the strong commitment FedEx makes to resolve issues and to go above and beyond to provide an excellent experience. FedEx is known for having less damage than UPS and for having MUCH faster transit times. I’ll always ship with FedEx and I thank FedEx for all they have done to deliver the Purple Promise!

    Misch says:

    I always get excellent service from FedEx and if there is an option when ordering online, I will always choose FedEx no matter the cost. The support they provided to the Shop Local campaign was a testimony to their values and commitment to small town America…which is where I live. Thanks, FedEx! Merry CHRISTmas.

    Darlene Casey says:

    I have been with my company for almost thirteen years and today while running my personal errands before I went to work in my uniform I was confronted by the public, do you work for FedEx? My responce proudly was yes I do, how may I help you? A positive answer to their question regarding the courier we try our best and sometimes there is a bad apple in the basket but knowing my Company they will do the right thing for the customer and we did. I am proud to work for FedEx they have always been there for me. For the future for all of us remember who you are and whom you work for in a uniform or not.

    Sandy says:

    WAY TO GO FED EX. You have handled this situation with such pride. Life is about learning something everyday. You will use this unfortunate incident to learn from and to show the world you are and will be the best ! Keep up the great work. Thank you for showing the world that a video doesn’t need to be played over and over again but to stop the hurt and move on and learn from a mistake. Kudos

    John Collins says:

    All of my inside sales customers who have called or emailed me about the video have had only positive comments about FedEx and really felt bad for all the FedEx employees who go above and beyond to make the good things happen everyday.

    Many are law firms in my territory and my contacts there know this is a “one of” happen stance and an individual decision on one persons part.

    Most of my customers related worse baggage handeling stories than the video shows so all in all, from my small sampling, people do understand this is not a normal occurence and choose FedEx as their 1st choice for all their shipping needs.

    by says:

    I have had an issue with the FEDEX ground driver in my area. He constantly drops my packages off at other places when my business is not open. The last time, he didn’t even give me an option, he just called and said he left with the restaurant. I have asked him to either wait until the next day or that I will meet him if I am in town, but he won’t do that. Due to this, I don’t like to use your services even though you are cheaper to use to ship.

    Mindi says:

    I work for a large hotel in Myrtle Beach SC. Our office is the “receiving” office as well. We absolutely LOVE our Fed Ex Ground guy (Frank) and our Express guy (Pip).
    They have always gone above and beyond in every way to help us and our guests out.
    We are very thankful for them!

    CharlieWest219 says:

    While I can appreciate Fedex’s corporate desire to use this as a learning opportunity to demonstrate how a single knucklehead can torpoedo an entire company’s public image, the concurrent lesson that needs to demonstrated concerns personal accountibility. To that end, the guy should be fired (absolutely and positively). Either that, or send him to MEM for the sort, and use him as a wheel chock for a DC-10…

    Becky Moore says:

    Thank you Mr. Thornton for addressing this so quickly. I have worked for Fedex 22+ years all in customer service. While I did not field any calls about this today I did see quite a few emails from customers regarding this unfortunate situation. The emails I saw were not favorable and many were very upset and I understand why but it warms my heart to see the company respond so quickly and I am very happy to see so many great comments from our customers. I am proud to work for Fedex. Thank you again for the response. Happy Holidays

    Ed says:

    It is a shame that one incident gets so much attention. The FedEx couriers work hard and care about the customers on their routes. Many couriers have done extraordinary things to get packages delivered in extreme circumstances and risked injury to help people in along the way.

    Susan says:

    I am sure this man needs this job, but apparently not enough. Give his job to one of the many people out there who would appreciate it and let him find a job suitable to his temperament and abilities. Fedex was always reliable when I worked, and I had one issue personally when the driver dropped my blinds off down the street by mistake – he went and got them and brought them back within an hour, which was fair and reasonable. Hopefully FedEx will find a more suitable driver, I am sure.

    Julianna Bendickson says:

    I agree with the post by Lynn Winfrey. I think it is appalling that the recipient customer had to use social media to blow this incident so out of proportion. Yesterday, while this video was going viral, I celebrated my 19 year anniversary as an employee of FedEx, spending the majority of those years as a courier. This incident is simply not the norm, rather it is an isolated case. In fact, most FedEx employees would say that they “bleed purple.” FedEx has taken appropriate measures to promptly rectify the situation. I am still proud to say that I work for FedEx.

    Just Me says:

    Our business has used FedEx exclusively for 9 years to ship all products, correspondence, etc. We have only seen professionalism from all FedEx employees even when we (as people) were being trying with them. This monitor tossing employee was the exception, not the “norm”.

    Keith Norton says:

    I have also been please at the professional service of Fedex and will continue to use this service. With any big operation there is bound to be problems time to time. thank you fedex!

    KL says:

    This exact same thing happened to me, thankfully my package was not breakable. I searched for a package that was supposed to be delivered. Asked neighbors if they had it, called the company and FedEx to find out where it was. When my husband got home, he had the idea to look in our backyard and sure enough it had been thrown over our fence. I never even thought to look there. Thankfully this large, heavy package (a rug) did not break anything in our back yard. I called FedEx to tell them I had it but how they should leave some type of notification of where they put the package.

    Dianne Sperfslage says:

    I had a bad experince last summer with fed ex and was not happy with the lack of follow up. A driver left a refrig medication on a park bench in the middle of a 90 degree heat wave. No ringing of door bell or putting on the porch. The same drop and run. Not surprised by the video.

    Christopher Busker says:

    I am very pleased with the way upper management handled the situation. I have been been a loyal employee for 16 yrs as well as a manager for over 6 years. Everyone needs to be reminded that we should handle ourselves in a professional manner, and in this day and age someone is always watching. I am truly proud to work for such a great company.

    Matt says:

    Good job, Mr. Thornton, VERY smart. This speaks VOLUME in the social sphere.

    Thomas Doughty says:

    FedEs needs to investigate more drivers if they think a lot of their drivers handle packages with care. From my experience if the package is breakable you better ship another way. If you do not believe me look at the condition of the box you receive from FedEx next time.

    DR says:

    Glad FedEx stepped up & did the right thing for this customer. However, I’m dismayed at the somewhat dismissive implication that this is an isolated incident. I have had a couple of terrible experiences with deliveries at two different residences over the years. Attempts to deal with phone representative in trying to resolve where my packages were delivered were equally terrible. On more than one occasion I have been flat out lied to by the customer service reps. Needless to say, I dread when online businesses ship my purchases using FedEx.

    AJ says:

    We have been a regular customer of FedEx since way back in the “Federal Express” days. We have always encountered excellent customer service by their dedicated employees, whether sending/receiving a shipment from a driver or shipping a package from one of the store front locations. When I see this video it reminds me of the exact opposite behavior in the movie “Castaway” where Tom Hanks character saves that one package in hopes of being able to eventually deliver it someday, and finally does after being rescued at sea. Anyway, great for FedEx to take care of this customer, and step up an make a clear statement such as this to all their customers.

    Karen says:

    I am a Fedex employee at the GO in AR…a PROUD Fedex employee,and am so grateful to work at such an awesome company as Fedex. I was so shocked, embarrassed and disappointed when I saw the video on tv in the lunch room today. I want to let you know that all of us who were in the room at the time, were upset, and it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I heard several people say “I am so embarrassed”, and I said it too. However, I knew without a doubt that Fedex would respond quickly and appropriately, and take care of the customer. I take pride in making every customer experience with Fedex outstanding, I do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. I take it to heart, as do all the people I work with. I am very happy that customers have come forward to support Fedex over this event, that means we are doing something right, and have to keep it that way. Thank you Fedex, for walking the walk!!! I heart Fedex!!

    Jeff Gr. says:

    To Matthew Thorton, Fire That Employee!!! Forget about discipline, I am SURE he has done this before with other customers FedEx packages, set an example for others to see that this will never happen again, your just giving your employee a slap on the wrist!

    Scott Stalcup says:

    We love our FedEx Couriers in Lake Oswego, Oregon!

    Chris Baum says:

    FedEx has done an outstanding job of addressing this current situation. As many comments have already stated, it is a RARITY today that companies will acknowledge and address with ‘fedex’ expediency a situation of this nature. Many, and I can think of MANY have chosen to try and bury a matter of this nature or belately try to put a ‘positive corporate spin’ on it. Not Fed Ex…this organization has EMBRACED this opportunity to learn, grow and become a better organization. I am proud to be a fed ex regular and look forward to a long, happy relationship with this company! I’m PROUD to be a fedex customer!

    ES says:

    Great response to this unfortunate incident. I’m sure what Fred Smith is thinking about this.

    Bill says:

    My confidence in FedEx was unwavering for many many years. I would go out of my way to use FEDEX even before the days of Kinko and dropbox dropoffs.

    That began to change a few years ago when high-value packages were simply left for pickup – by a stranger, a passerby, anybody who saw the package.

    I realized that the standard of care was not what I had thought, and swtiched to EXPRESS MAIL, which at least offers secure drop off.

    UPS then stepped in with lower rates (to/from Hawaii where I live), and I swtiched to them. Packages were left by UPS just as they were by FedEx – unsecured, unannounced. No ring of the doorbell, just “drop and run”.

    While USP Express Mail is alot slower, the “secure delivery” or physical handoff is really what matters. I don’t what a small box containing a $200 item to be left outside for anybody to pick up. Yes, as FEDEX, and your competitors over in Louisville, need to recognzie that security and careful handling are both services we expect when we pay the freight.

    Amber Allen says:

    Please fire this man… this is unacceptable and he should not be delivering packages. Believe me, you have lost a lot of business over this. Do the right thing and get rid of him. Absolutely disgusting.

    V.Carter-Smith says:

    I commend Mr. Thornton, on behalf of Fed Ex Express for submitting an immediate rectification to the customer. My experience with Fed Ex Express has always acknowledged the pride, respect and excellent performance. The abuse and DISRESPECT handling of the package on 12/21/11 and to humiliate Fed Ex for its high standards and pride absolutely was very offensive.
    I believe and know this one Bad Apple wont spoil the image of Fed Ex.

    Kristina says:

    I am glad Fed Ex handled the customer concern in the best way possible. When I saw the clip all I could think of was my preserved wedding bouquet being tossed carelessly. A monitor can be replaced but a lot of items that are shipped are NOT replaceable. Thanks Fed Ex for addressing this. A lot of companies would not have had the class you guys did in handling this issue.

    H North says:

    I hope the damaged monitor will be recycled and not just trashed!

    Please know that while the customer whose monitor was damaged was made whole and the vendor from whom it was shipped has their money, the Earth metals and other resources used to make now two monitors, in stead of one, for this customer have a carbon footprint as does the duplicate delivery.
    I hope that the driver understands the needless time and resources that were wasted due to poor behavior. Has the environment been made “whole” too?

    Jason says:

    So, did you fire this guy?

    Melissa Fain says:

    I really do appreciate Fedex and all they have done for the company I own. Fedex is our chosen carrier (for business). I commend Fedex for their prompt response to the customer, and making sure the customer was completely satisfied with the outcome of their ultimate delivery. My concern is the statement made by Fedex of “we have initiated action in accord with our disciplinary policy”. Bottom line is, we all make mistakes, but honestly, this Fedex driver knew he was delivering a fragile package. The package clearly showed what was in the box. The driver CHOSE not to care. Fedex should have gone a step further. They should have either required the Fedex driver to resign, or advised the employee they will no longer be allowed to deliver packages and must work inside a Fedex facility if they choose to continue working for the company. He should not be allowed to deliver packages for Fedex again. People must be accountable for their actions, especially when the action is blatant.

    Don Andrews says:

    Mr Thornton-
    While I appreciate your rapid response to this issue, I will be very dismayed if this employee is not fired. He does not deserve his job and has done much harm to your image, perhaps causing you much loss of business. If you look at the majority of the responses to this video and news story, you will see that the vast majority of the responders call for his immediate termination. In this time of huge unemployment, many voice the opinion that this individual does not warrent employment with your firm- it’s just not fair! Please replace him with someone who would value the position and perform accordingly. If I hear that he is being retained with your firm I will assuredly not ship with Fedex and will insist my suppliers ship to me using another service.
    Respectfully, Don Andrews
    The Andrews WorkShop of Photography

    Ditty says:

    This is just too funny. 2 days ago my wife and kids were home all day and Fedex didn’t even ring the door bell. I came home and see the Fedex sticker on the garage instead of my front door. Why were they stick to my garage? I do not know why. I can only think that they never make an attempted to walk to the door way. I still have not receive my package yet. I guess I will have to get on the phone and stay on hold for hours to get this resolve.

    worldboy says:

    i have had problems with fedex delivery as recent as the last two month
    fedex deliver a package that i never found. n the pass i have seen fedex knock on the door and leave a package on front step than takeoff did notgive a change for someone to open door. fedex should only deliver to business where they can hand package to a live person.

    Jerome Holtzman says:

    As a Fedex courier for the past 20 years ..I was shocked and angered by this employee”s actions…To all whom may read this post..Myself as well as almost everyone I have worked with for these past 20 yrs consider ourselfs to be professionals from the moment we place our hands on the steering wheel of our delivery vans ..”EVERY MORNING” and “EVERY EVENING”..and we have worked to develop our customers trust as well as friendship and loyality to the Fedex brand…My sincere apology and regrets to both the shipper and the recipient in this incident!!!I take great pride in Fedex and consider them to be one of the absolute top corporations to be employed by. This video of a non-professional Fedex employee is totally not what my company’s mission to our customers is about nor is it indicative of the Fedex workforce.

    Eddie H says:

    I don’t care if the driver is a Union Chairman, he needs to be fired. Gone. Finished. Will go strictly UPS or USPS if this employee is not fired

    Joy Ready says:

    I live in El Cajon, California and the same happened to me. We were home and FedEx threw my package into my back yard where there are 2 dogs. We heard them barking looked out the door and the driver said, I left it in the backyard. The gate is locked because of the dogs so he had to of thrown it over the fence. After this video I believe the drivers are being told by bosses to throw over fences but these guys are not knocking. Needless to say, once we got the package away from the dogs it was destroyed.FEDEX is to be avoided this season, drivers are being lazy

    Marilu Maloney says:

    Kudos to Mr. Thorton for stepping up to the plate and not making any excuses for this incompetant FedEx employee.

    Angela says:

    I love my Fedex “lady”. She has gone out of her way to provide excellent customer service for the past 11years. That guy in the video is a disgrace to the honorable and dedicated couriers that serve their customers and their packages with care and respect every day. Shame on him. But I for one won’t be holding this against Fedex.

    Vicki M says:

    Glad to see Fed-ex prompt response and taking care of the customer. I guess it took a viral video to put a fire under them. Too bad the usual response is the company blaming everyone but itself.

    Kris says:

    I admire FedEx for handling this embarassing situation in such a professional manner, despite how the customer chose to handle it by slandering FedEx with the release of a video. If I was them, I wouldn’t want anyone to know my name, either, after such a classless act. I hope they think about how they could have handled it differently every time they look at their monitor. As for the courier, as in any company, trust was put in the wrong person. Lucky for FedEx, they found out and had the opportunity to handle the situation immediately. In every company, you have the paycheck employee and the hard working employee. Unfortunately, they don’t walk around wearing labels to warn us of which one they are. And, it’s very disappointing to find out that you’ve been trusting the wrong people. Chin up, FedEx! Fred Smith is still proud of his purple promise warriors. I am confident that there are more of you, at FedEx, than these paycheck players! As for those of you who have bashed FedEx, with your comments, if you think that this only happens at FedEx, get a clue. I’ve seen what Brown can do for me. No thanks. And to the media…let it go. Is this really the biggest thing we’ve got going on right now? You mean to tell me that you’ve never caught someone doing their job poorly before? If not, why don’t you camp out at the White House and video tape that? Merry Christmas, everyone.

    annonymous says:

    I have been a fedex employee for almost 10 years and they are the best company i have ever worked for not everyone makes the best choices and being a courier is a very hard job. as for damaged packages sometimes it is beyond control packages shift during flight which cannot be helped its not done deliberately. ups and usps im sure have had similar incidents. fedex reputation is outstanding in my opinion and i personally have gone above and beyond the call of duty when it came to my customers and always will one bad choice should not be a decision for every other great employee. one employees stupidity should not be punishment for the rest.

    Marshall Archer says:

    I am surprised that such a flagrant disrespect of company policy and most of all customer satisfaction was apparent in this video. It I hope, in no way was in line with what i hold my most respect too as a veteran owned (created) company.

    Cass says:

    I don’t always like FedEx but I do think the delivery people are generally good. One thing to keep in mind is that delivery services hire a lot of part-time workers this time of year who do not usually embody the goals of the company. This person is obviously all about getting a pay check and probably holds the people he is delivering to with contempt that he must deliver to them. Regardless, judging an entire company based on one person is silly. I always give a company 2 chances to win my business because I realize that any number of things can happen to cause bad customer service. Give these guys a break, this guy doesn’t mean everyone there sucks at what they do.

    Joe R says:

    I am glad the video was posted to Youtube, and reviewed by so many people. There have been numerous times where I have had to visit with endless customer service representatives on the phone to plead my case for replacement of items that were broken as a result of things out of my control.

    It is about time senior management of a company got involved. Maybe they will integrate better controls to prevent this from happening, like conducting more comprehensive background checks and holding employees accountable for their actions.

    Bob says:

    As a customer I am offended by the reaction of Fedex employees on this blog. To be hostle towards the person for exposing one of your own by video is shameful. The reality is everyday of the year there is an employee somewhere in the chain mistreating a package. The likelyhood that they will ever be caught like this is slim. Unfortunately for the customers most of these substandard employees will continue to drop or deliver packages however they like. If Fedex were to do anything at this point they should vow to prescreen future employees and weed out those who have sociopathic tendencies.

    Bigger Issue says:

    Is it possible that this behavior is indicitive of a bigger issue? Has there been a look at the local leadership? What about culture and policies/procedures? Are couriers feeling pushed to take short cuts to save time? Many want the guy fired, but I think they need to look for a bigger issue here. As a small business owner (and I get shipments every week from UPS and FedEx Ground, and are happy with both), I would look at the quality of the hiring decision AS WELL AS the constraints and expectations I have put on the employee.

    bella says:

    I am glad to see he apologized for his employees actions..Good for FedEx. Question is if the video wouldn’t of gone viral on youtube would the same apology of meant as much.

    Jed says:

    I agree with Bella, had this video not been recording and released to masses would an apology, even have been made? It would have been a your word against theirs type of scenario and the customer would have ultimately lost… When I watched this video, it was shocking, and made me questions previous deliveries which I have received from FedEx and the care and handling which was expressed during the delivery process… I am thankful that the recipient of the package posted the video. I feel it is important because now companies will understand that a single person can make a major impact on the professionalism of a corporation! It is just really disappointing, so close to Christmas and another headache for this individual to deal with, along with so many others! Glad it worked out, and I am glad he is satisfied, however, it ridiculous it happened in the first place…

    Mauricio Costa says:

    I´m proud to work at Fedex here in Brasil and althow this video reached a uncountable number of expectators we still have a good image with our customers.
    One customer in particular sayd..” wouldnt this video created by a Fedex competitor ? “.
    People trust on us and i´m sure that this wont affect our work all over the world.

    Angela C says:

    I’m proud to be part of Fedex team. When I saw this video I really get upset, there’s no way to accept or justify this behavior like someone said on a previous post is not fare to punish all Fedex employees for this situation. I’m very happy for the manner that the company respones to that and also assume responsability for it. We the service agents need to gave the 500% as the company standard requiered and prepare us for that. We are having continius trainings about how to manage a package and deals with customers requires. I will end saying that I still proud to be a Fedex employee!!!

    Debbie says:

    “While this delivery fell way short of those high standards, we are already using it as a learning opportunity.” Are you kidding me…the man knew exactly what he was doing when he pitched the box over the fence. Learning opportunity my butt! I read elsewhere that this man is still employed with FedEx. I know of many others (who are unemployed) who could replace him and do the job professionally. Sometimes lessons need to be learned the hard way…maybe he will learn it while standing in the unemployment line. But I doubt it!

    Bob De Builder says:

    Yes it’s absolutely unacceptable …when CAUGHT on camera. I’m afraid this behaviour is probably more common than you’d like to believe.

    Kris says:

    I believe that the video was a great way to show FedEx what is going on with their employees. I don’t believe that it needed to be released through social media., like so many people are quick to do. I believe that if the video had gone to the manager, the same outcome would have occurred. And, I’m sure that the video would have been part of a training video and required for all of its employees to view. As far as anyone who delivers packages carelessly, I doubt that through a psychological evaluation, he would be deemed a “sociopath.” I think he’s just someone who needed a paycheck and didn’t really care about the company that he works for. There are a lot of them out there, unfortunately. This one got caught. I hope that FedEx puts some kind of program in place to prevent this, again.

    LARuehlen says:

    TO KRIS:
    You have some excellent points. My only problem is your perspective re: the ‘customer slandering FedEx’? It is what it is, Kris. Maybe the substandard (and hopefully, now previous) employee took advantage of his position…probably just an angry person. But this customer letting the rest of us see what actually occured, is NOT slander. It’s very refreshing. I applaud this customer – let us all try our best to keep the ones who should be found guilty separate from the ones simply passing along accurate information to the rest of us, the consumer.

    Susan says:

    The FedEx man on my delivery route is wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I wish there was a way to promote him to the public because he is excellent. He is thoughtful and kind and does all he can to make sure the delivery items are safe and well cared for. He even know his route so well that when others have to sub or it is so busy the route has to be split, he helps the other drivers by telling them what the need to know about specifics with certain homes and deliveries. As a person with a lot of rescue dogs, I can easily tell you a good delivery man every time but Tim is better than good, he is excellent!
    Tim is beyond doubt the picture perfect FedEx employee. But, it is more than that, he is a genuinely nice person that takes honest and well deserved respect for the job well done.

    At one time the delivery person with the other company was fantastic, my dogs would have gone for a ride with him in his truck. Now we have one that makes the guy in the video look pretty good in comparison.

    So, I know companies have issues with employees and I am glad FedEx has been able to deal with this one. If FedEx ever would like to know how an excellent employee works, I recommend they check out Tim that delivers in the 28655 area. You will find happy customers that wish more of their packages came via FedEx.

    Al says:

    I don’t feel this is a company issue or workers having to take short cuts or being pressured into making faster deliveries. I feel it simply falls down to bad work behavior on the employee. I worked retail and I seen workers and shoppers take an item, look at it and place it right on the floor or in a different place that is right next to the right place for the item. I saw worker “stuff” items behind others to save the trouble of placing it properly. Maybe some of these guys just want to go home early; When the FedEx guy threw the monitor over the gate. He knew what it was; he just didn’t want to go though the trouble of delivering. To be honest, sometimes it’s not the company it is the people, and the comment about checking who they hire. As a small business owner have you hired all perfect people and as a human are your entire friends perfect, are the men/women you dated perfect? The company is run by people and people make mistake. But what defines that mistake is how it is dealt with.

    Tom says:

    Sad to see but it is reality of the frustrations that come with the work load from Fedex.This guy is at his ropes end with trying to please the customers an his company with running probably 150-160 stops per day an everyone assuming he has time to talk, wait on a signature and in most probability he was to tired to run to the door like he probably has been doing all day up to that point.I’m not trying to justify for him but from experience i know where his mind is at with it an at the same time knowing he should have harnessed his reactions to corporate greed..

    Daniel says:

    I recieve upwards to 200 plus packages a week from Fedex and I can assure you that most do not look like they meet Fedex standards. I never forget ordering my electric guitar and checking to see where it was online only to see it was signed by F. Rontdoor. It was 12 years ago, but it’s still a running joke with my friend who was my roommate at the time.

    Jan Payne says:

    When one of us messes up, we all share the blame. I am profoundly relieved that we were able to satisfy the customer and that our apology was accepted.

    LD says:

    The public is not satisfied. We want to know exactly what disciplinary action has been taken. Mr. Thorton, you are right, this is unacceptable.

    Brett Cullum says:

    As many others have mentioned, this reflects poorly on all of us. I’m and relieved that this entry has been posted to share this experience with all of us so that when we are asked about the outcome of a situation like this we can explain to our friends and families that we have taken the initiative to mend this customer’s relationship with us. Thank you for shift action in dealing with this disgraceful act.

    Debbie K. says:

    I echo the feelings of many others that this employee needs to be fired. I also understand the problems of doing so due to unions and other protections built in that prevent companies from being able to take swift action. This video shows such a blatant disregard for the customer and the employer that the employee needs to go.

    As for whether or not the video should have been posted, I feel that it was the right thing for the customer to do. It certainly serves as a strong reminder to employees of the need to take care in handling of packages and to do the job right. It will impact not only FedEx employees, but employees of all shipping services.

    I will say that FedEx employees do tend to “run off” quickly without waiting for customers to respond. In fact, I would say this is their typical mode of operation – “dump and go.” If they do bother to ring the doorbell, they are gone by the time I open the door.

    That being said, I still regularly use FedEx and appreciate the promptness with which they deliver packages and the pricing. I will continue to be a loyal customer.

    B. doorman says:

    It was truly embarassing to watch. It seem like all the work we do to make the customer experience great was yanked out from us over a stupid decision made by a over worked driver. I truly feel that fedex is truly trying to reduce damaged as a company but this is what we are fighting against people like this.

    Brian Soligon says:

    Apology accepted. The speed and seriousness in which FedEx addressed this is commendable.

    Steve Burbridge says:

    We have had nothing but great experiences with the FedEx drivers that deliver to our house. One very specific examples comes to mind about how these drivers take their job seriously. When NJ experinced the winter storm in late October, our road was blocked in one direction. Our fedEx driver parked his truck and ran the quarter mile to our house to get a package delivered. Shame on me for not recognizing this driver previously, but I thought it should be noted given this incident.

    cmfl says:

    We receive and ship packages every day using FedEx. We have made them our exclusive shipper because of their excellent service. Our drivers are always friendly, knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make sure our packages are picked up and delivered on time and in the best condition possible. I think this shows that there are good and bad employees in every organization and it is too bad that this video was posted rather than shared with the company first to be taken care of internally. I just want to thank our drivers for their great service especially during this busy time of the year when businesses need their deliveries to be made in a timely manner and families are counting on FedEx to deliver precious gifts to loved ones as well. That is a lot of pressure on hard workers. Thank you to all of them and safe travels these next couple of days.

    Joe Sharma says:

    This apology is useless. The driver should be sacked, end of. There are many people who would do this job with respect and honesty. Sack this guy and give the job to someone more deserving instead.

    Wondering says:

    Has anyone asked the driver ‘why’? While certainly unacceptable, something must have triggered this.

    That’s where you need to look.

    K Flores says:

    I think FEDEX is a great company. I have never experienced any issues with them. Apparently, the employee doesn’t take his job seriously and that is sad. With the economy the way it is, I am sure there is someone out there that would LOVE to work for FEDEX and give 110% in their service. I commend Mr. Thornton for addressing this, and I hope that the company ensures this employee is no longer viewed in public; preferably he is let go.

    Daniel Barras says:

    Having read a bunch of the comments on here about this issue, I have to say that most are written by FedEx employees, even the ones touting “I recieve or ship x amount of packages with FedEx, etc.”

    My aunt worked for another shipping company, she was in charge of these kinds of matters where they investigated the employees for misconduct, etc.

    This happens WAY more often than Mr. Thornton is letting on, don’t believe the canned response.

    R Miller says:

    The FedEx company has always represented the highest standards of customer service I can think of. Unfortunatly, anything short of the firing of this employee will appear to me as another “politically correct” action the policy that has brought American business and society to its knees. Wrong is wrong and we all need to face the consequences of our actions. This one was deplorable and I’m sure not a isolated occurence. Clean house or I will have to question my loyalty.

    Greg says:

    Awful about what happened.But atleast we have recovered and the customer has accepted the companies apology and we all can move on.

    Rob D says:

    Honestly, everyone can have a bad day – or, a bad attitude. It’s not limited to FedEx or its competitors, the delivery industry or the service industry. S**t happens, as the saying goes.

    I think FedEx’s response in general – and Thornton’s in particular – was sincere and appropriate.

    I’ve been a FedEx customer since before the web existed – and I have never once, in 30 years, had any package destroyed, misplaced or misdelivered. (well, once, but that was address confusion.) I know that when eCommerce took off, the burden fell on FedEx and its competitors. I know that now that the US Postal Service is in its death throws, the burden on these companies will increase again. So far, they’ve been able to scale almost perfectly — so I wish them (and us) luck in doing so again.

    Mr. Thornton: nice job, and nice response.

    (My dogs still hate your trucks and your competitors truchs tho, and chase them whenever they get a chance 😉 )

    Tom R says:

    As a long time FedEx employee, I was embarrassed and disappointed when I saw the delivery video. I don’t know him well but, I have worked with him and I believe Matt Thornton sincerely meant every word in his response.

    Reebhumika says:

    Being a FedEx employee, I know what sort of training FedEx employees go through to ensure that the FedEx customers have the outstanding CE while dealing with FedEx. This incident is definitely not the true reflection of what FedEx is and what FedEx does. The way in which this issue has been addressed worldwide by the FedEx team and customers bears a big testimony to this fact. Really proud to be a part of FedEx!!!!!!!!!

    Food for Thought says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that’s what democracy is all about. While I think our SVP addressed the issue at hand, some are still not satisfied. For all of those want the employee fired for what he did, please know that FedEx, like all companies have disciplinary policies and procedures in place and they will be adhered too. What the courier did was wrong, without question, but as a society we’re so quick to cast the first stone. We’re quick to write in when something is bad but not so quick to do so when things are good. Why is that? Has anyone ever been on Facebook on company time? Has anyone ever printed out a coupon while at work (misuse of company property?) Has anyone ever taken a longer lunch break than granted? If we all had cameras on us during our work day, I would suspect that everyone doesn’t ‘always’ do what we’re supposed to do. Nothing justifies him destroying property (although I guarantee that wasn’t his intent) but everyone makes mistakes; some just don’t get caught. Now, having been a FedEx courier for 10 years and married to one, I can tell you that the number of couriers and agents that are dedicated to their jobs, love their customers, and go above and beyond to provide excellent service on a regular basis far outweighs the few that don’t always make the right choices. What I would love to see, in the spirit of the Holidays, is for people to write in and tell us about the positive experiences. Tell us about those couriers that provide exceptional service on a regular basis; who come home on rainy days with soaking wet clothes, on cold days with frozen toes, on hot days with a parched throat, always looking for little ‘trinkets’ to make a customer happy and works 12-13 hour days during peak season to make our Christmas’ special. I’ve just shared some of what one that I know does. Keep up the great work Honey! A proud FedEx family.

    Irene Thaggard says:

    I too watched the video’s of these deliveries shown on the TV over the past few days, which is why I felt compelled to post this comment. Last night we had about 8 to 10 inches of snow. We live in a culdesac and the snow plows haven’t been down our street yet. However, about an hour ago, the doorbell rings and there is a package at my door, carefully placed in a corner so that it is out of the snow. I also see the delivery driver running down the street. He was unable to get his truck down our street in the deep snow so he ran down the street with my package so that he could make his delivery. Unfortunatly we usually only see the expections on the news and tend to forget about those dedicated employees who do a wonderful job!

    dallascowboy says:

    Here is my analogy of this situation. Do you only wash your hands in the bathroom if somebody next to you or do it always. And my answer is always. Same case with delivery or handling the package. An employee is not following that when nobody is around (but camera on) vs somebody around is not acceptable. But we cannot generalize this with everything what we do. This employee is not fit to do that job and created a bad name to the company. There is no justification for this behaviour since it was even obvious with the package clearly has monitor label.

    Bob says:

    It’s nearly Christmas so to those who are so fast to condemn let they take a long hard look at their life and ask themselves if they would feel the same way if every mistake they had made was put on the web for all to see. I was not brought up in a very religious family, nor do I attend a Church on a regular basis but I was taught the below in school and that is how I live my life:

    “…let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” John 8:7; “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Matthew 7:1

    No life was threatened, FedEx took action and are turning a negative into a positive for their customers and employees by making this an opportunity to improve, learn and apologize. Those that condemned this individual with no fact base may soon have a situation where they are seeking forgiveness and mercy themselves. Maybe then when the tables are turned they will receive fair treatment and understanding, I hope they do as all humans should wish other humans well.

    Consequences, yes! But throw a man’s family into turmoil before Christmas by firing him from his job…anyone suggesting that without all the facts is either perfect themselves or….well that is not for me to judge. Unfortunately I’m not perfect either!

    Val says:

    I love FedEx! I have never had any problems in all the years I’ve been a customer. As a matter of fact, one of my best friends has worked for FedEx as a manager for over 20 years and has always told me how focused FedEx is on customer service. However, IF it’s true that the customer’s door was wide open or there was no huge dog preventing proper delivery, OR there was a huge cushion on the other side of the fence, the employee should be promptly fired. There is really no excuse for him not to be and no excuse for his behavior. I would expect to be fired from my job for such behavior.

    Samantha says:

    FedEx is in denial if they believe that this is an isolated incident. During the holidays, their drivers are more careless than normal. We ordered a flat screen TV for our son for Christmas, and the driver just left it on the front porch. In plain view…in its original box…for all to see. Fortunately no one stole it. I do not care if the shipper did not require a signature. I think being a delivery driver should require common sense.

    ITSMPM says:

    Search on YouTube and you will find many videos just like this but from various other delivery companies – all in the past. It’s not about the company but more the individual. This is not a lack of anything on the part of FedEx. It’s simply a poor decision by one employee who represents himself – not his employer or anyone else. Ultimately, this incident will pass and FedEx will sustain itself as the “premium” delivery provider. I don’t think they post their Purple Promise Humanitarian Award winner stories each year but if you could only read about some of their employees doing truly heroic feats (while wiping away the tears), then you would truly understand how FedEx adores its customers and humanity as a whole. Here’s a link that breifly describes this amazing program:

    Mike Warrak says:

    Well, that’s FedEx for you, a truly professional company! I don’t mean the “mistake” itself, rather the manner in which it was adressed. Mistakes are certainly made, poor employees are sometimes on duty, etc., but FedEx has clearly stepped up to the plate and handled this issue promptly and professionally. While most customers are certainly irked by “mistakes” or poor service, customers are most concerned with HOW the problem is HANDLED (or mis-handled). Matthew clearly did a fine job on this one. Go FedEx!

    Stefanie says:

    Our FedEx carrier always brings packages into our courtyard, places them in an alcove (hidden from the street), and even covers them with plastic when it’s raining. We love our FedEx people, one rotten apple shouldn’t spoil the bunch. Thanks!

    Alicia says:

    As always, I am very proud of this place we call FedEx! That video was quite disheartening. But the fact that the executives of our company saw the importance of making a public statement concerning the same, makes me even MORE proud to work here. Matthew Thornton did a great job on behalf of the company. I think it has been handled appropriately, and we will move on and continue to do good business. My concern is NOT mainly, what happens to that employee who caused all the mayhem; but more importantly, how we bounce back from it and restoring the faith of our customers. One blogger wrote,”…wrong is wrong.” That is true. But if we take that in the most literal sense of the word…we all do wrong at some point. I don’t condone the behavior of that courier at all. Yes, he should be reprimanded. Yes a penalty should be paid. But I’m not sure that as some believe, firing him would be the appropriate action to take. I’m in the middle of the road on this one…just my thoughts. Merry Christmas everybody!

    Don D says:

    As a 33 year FedEx employee I was embarassed by the actions of the courier. He damaged the reputation of the company I have worked for all these years. I know it is difficult to terminate an employee, but if anyone ever deserved it, this guy does. I started in the Hub way back when. It was policy that if you damaged an aircraft, regardless of circumstance, you were gone period. I think what this guy did was much worse and he should be gone.

    TeresaB says:

    I am proud to be an employee of FedEx and as I read in an earlier statement this one employee is not a good rep. for the whole of the company. I am sure the employee even if he has a bad attitude has learned a lesson and it is none of my business to know what or how it ws dealt with. I am just glad the customer has accepted the appology.

    Tim Adkisson says:

    I want to say watching the video was upsetting. I also saw where our local news station advertised on both their station and Facebook site. I know that our station employees along with our ISPs, have much more consideration for our cutomers than that. I hope the driver and any like him find themselves in other employment.

    Erik H says:

    I would like to applaud the men and women of FedEx, I have never had a single issue with any of your various services.

    While it is unfortunate that this driver behaved in this manner, it is refreshing to see a major corporation step forward and publicly resolve the issue and not try to hide from it.

    Well done.

    Aaron says:

    As a fedex manager I know we do not tolerate any mishandling of packages. This is a bad thing that happend to a great company.

    Dawg says:

    “The world on time” is our motto and we do a good job daily. We have one courier who makes a decision that goes viral and we are “the world who judges”.

    There is nothing we can write, speak or do to change the shame this person has now. We live in a time when “going viral” will outlive the person involved. In the old days, it may have been dinner conversation for a while or the “hush” talk of the day.

    Mistake was made and we will deal with it. Much like the times you speed in your car and don’t get caught. It was OK, no one got hurt. But when you get caught and a ticket is issued? It’s all about the speed trap or why are the police harrassing me? We all make mistakes, but it’s what we LEARN from them that makes us better.

    Brian says:

    I see that my comments of this FedEx incident didn’t make it to this blog, and wondered why. I’ll try reposting: After hearing Matthew Thornton III’s response to this FedEx employee’s deplorable delivery performance, I would like to also observe the cavalier manner in which this FedEx driver tossed that expensive and delicate package over the gate. This clearly indicates to me that he was quite comfortable with that delivery technique, and this particular videotaped episode was, in all probability, not the first, second or third time this FedEx employee handled such a package in this manner, in my estimation. Question: Does FedEx management agree with this assessment? If not, then others at FedEx need to be terminated as well. If I was Thornton III, I would have immediately terminated this employee. No further questions or analysis needed. Instead we heard boilerplate and not much substance to appease the MILLIONS of FedEx customers such as myself who now have some doubts about sufficient employee oversight by FedEx. I for one, will be considering other delivery methods since I ship delicate, very EXPENSIVE electronic equipment often. Are you listening Matthew Thornton III????

    Rindy says:

    There are bad apples out there anywhere you go. Our Fed Ex drivers have been nothing but professional and outstanding.
    So remember even though there are some bad apples out there there are many more that are wonderful.

    Candy says:

    I’ve never had a problem with FedEx in the past. However, this holiday season I have had large and expensive packages left at my door. I was in the house every time they were delivered. FedEx knocked on the door and before I had a chance to get to the door and open it, they were pulling off. What if I was not home, who would be resposnible for my missing purchases?

    Musica1 says:

    I don’t think FedEx needs to worry about this. They’ve got a lot of packages to deliver during the holidays, so it’s easy tobe less careful. I was once shipping something by UPS and wrote “fragile” on it. I asked the UPS driver picking it up if that would help it be treated with care. She told me that would just make the handlers throw it harder. And that wasn’t even at Christmas.

    Jack Wong says:

    Matthew Thornton III
    Senior Vice President
    US Operations
    FedEx Express

    Dear Mr. Thornton III:


    I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for another job well done this year that adds up to the success of our partnership. As the Senior Vice President of Operations we acknowledge your excellent ideas and effort in making our business a success with good feedback from our customers.

    I have watched the video that seems to be demoralizing to some employees and customers. We strongly believed that it was an isolated case that needs to be addressed accordingly. For the past 8 years of our partnership , we only reap positive feedback from customers and clients alike in which we are confident that it was smart choice having you as partner. We put our trust in your outstanding leadership Mr. Thornton that in spite of this viral video our business will continue to flourish. Fedex Express is always our company of choice.

    We wish you all the best and more power.


    CEO Jack Wong
    Simba Worldwide

    CC. Corporate Press Release 23-12-2011-SGP

    Bill says:

    Hey…at least we know who Matthew Thorton is now. No worries MT…it’s all good

    Ann Perkins says:

    I am glad Matthew has addressed the issue with good taste. I am so sorry for this incidentent. Its kind of like 1 bad apple ruins the whole bushel. It will take a long time to recover from this. I believe there is a reason for everything, maybe this is to remind us all that every package and customer is golden and no matter what the customer is always right. Handle each one appropriately.

    Concerned says:

    Though it is a FedEx internal affair, I would be a lot more confident in using FedEx if I knew that courier was fired. That would represent a stern reminder to other FedEx employees to always care for packages as though the world was watching and here’s what happens if you don’t.

    Chris says:

    I agree that this incindent doesn’t reflect the treatment and service I get from FedEx. However,a better video would of been FedEX security throwing the driver over the fence.

    b shaw says:

    Where is Fred Smith on this problem?

    Corky says:

    No the delivery man isn’t working with customers any more, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t throwing packages around a warehouse somewhere. Most of us would be fired for doing something like that. Fed Ex, you are hurting your other employees by keeping one who does such public relations damage to your company.

    Cameron says:

    What makes me mad when I watch that video is that I have been out of work for quite a while and I would change places with that guy in a heartbeat.
    Nothing gets to me more than poor customer service. FedEx you are far from alone on this. Especially now that I am unemployed (laid off teacher) I notice how some companies tolerate poor customer service, both on the phone and in person. I don’t understand how people can deliberately do such a lousy job and why their managers put up with it.
    FedEx, if you really want to make a difference in my eyes, call me for an interview. I spent several years as a logistic coordinator for a regional wholesaler, have a bachelor’s degree and most recently was an elementary school teacher.

    Greg says:

    Dear Candy,
    When a package ships with no signature required, it can be dropped off at the front door. Ringing the doorbell is a courtesy to make you aware the package is there. There are a couple of options that could help you address your concerns regarding the potential for stolen packages. The first, is “Signature Required”, and includes options requiring your signature, the signature of anyone in your home, or the signature of a neighbor. Another option is Hold at Location. You can select a FedEx Office location in your vicinity and be notified when the package is available for pickup at that location. Again, this would be with Signature Required. I hope this will help to address your concerns in the future.

    Robert Mull says:

    In a way, I am happy that this incident occurred. Perhaps the company will improve it’s customer service.

    A comment by Candy yesterday echoes my sentiments exactly. I have had packages dropped off with only a ring of the doorbell. Thankfully, someone was home each time.

    I have had a few boxes not arrive in the best of shape, so I tend not to trust FedEx or UPS with fragile items. One FedEx incident that sticks in my craw involved a package that had an expensive motorcycle plastic fairing in it. The box arrived with obvious signs that it had been partially crushed, despite fragile stickers all over it. The CBR1100XX plastic fairing, which was custom painted and cost nearly a thousand dollars, was broken in three places. Although the package was insured, I never received compensation. The vendor referred me to FedEx for the claim and FedEx stated I would have to pursue the matter with the vendor because they determined that the item was not packed properly (an arbitrary decision to evade responsibility, in my view).

    A_P says:

    I think it’s unfortunate what had happened, but I wish the “Fedex Motto” also included employees also! I’m glad the customer accepted Fedex’s apology.

    Bill Griffith says:

    I find it quite humorous that all you read here is people praising FedEx when the truth of the matter is Fedex has allot of issues just as other carriers do. We have had major problems with FedEx yet the problem has never been addressed. I have provided plenty of info about it yet the people who are in the positions to fix the problems seem to not care. I have provided my contact info to the people who run this blog but seriously doubt I`ll hear from Fedex in regards to them. After all, FedEx wouldnt allow any constructive criticism on their own blog.

    Wael Elkady says:

    This unacceptable attitude has hurt me before when I used fedex for moving my stuff in June . All my boxxes arrived crashed and torn and nobody was sorry and the claim department refuse to pay what the appresal company estamate for loss. if you are intetrested to see how boxes arrived I can e mail you the photos or upload the videos. It is typical of fedex

    Miguel says:

    I dont understand why people are complaining about Fedex couriers not getting signatures when the shipppers are not PAYING for one. It doesnt matter if you are home or not. Getting a signature takes more time and affects productivity. The company offers a signature required service for those who need it. This employee’s actions were a disgrace. Keep in mind though that he is in the public eye so everything he does is potentially monitored. How many of you would be clean if you were in the public eye all the time when you do your job. I doubt very many. He should be punished an possibly terminated but frankly its none of your business whether he is or not. If you dont feel comfortable using Fedex after this incident try another delivery service. Do you honestly think the Post Office or UPS handles their freight better than us? As for the broken tvs, they are very fragile and should be packaged with more than the packagint that they are in for purchase in a store. When you ship a package overnight it MUST be packaged very well to withstand the crush of millions of other packages, conveyor belts, chutes and shifting cargo in trucks and planes. Shippers do not package them properly so why should Fedex take the loss. Ive worked for Fedex for many years and am very proud. This incident hurts. I can honestly say though that this type of actions are not typical. Your packages are not handled with kids gloves, gently picked up and put down by everyone. There is a reasonable amount of care taken when handling each package to get it from one place to another very quickly. If you want more why not pay for extra packaging for the tvs and other fragile items which you are shipping so they will defintely arrive ok. Something tells me many of you dont want to pay for that. As much as im disgraced by this courier I am appalled by many of the posts here. Fedex has an incredible repuation, most know one employee does not represent everyones actions. If you disagree with this then im sorry for you!! Happy Holidays

    Donna Tims says:

    We have a locked electric gate and fence just like the one in the now infamous video. Our courier ALWAYS puts our packages in a large plastic bag to prevent it from getting wet, and attaches the top of the bag to the inside of the fence. We have never experienced any damaged packages, over many years of receiving packages from FED Ex. I was really suprised that the driver we saw in the video tossed the monitor over the fence. Definately a bad apple in an otherwise great bunch.

    V says:

    Our Fedex guy ROCKS and the idiot in the video in no way represents the great service our local Fedex driver gives us every week. We all call him “Fedex Derek” and he goes above and beyond, always with a smile and a nice word. Tonight he delivered a Christmas package at 8:20P and had more stops to go before he got home to his two little kids. A big snow storm yesterday means Fedex drivers like him are working harder than ever to make our holiday fun at the cost of their own. Yeah, Derek! The jerk in the video cannot tarnish the great image Derek has given all of us in our neighborhood of Fedex.

    antoinette starks says:

    It just really makes me upset that he dont have any respect for other people property.Their’s plenty of people out there that need a job and I cant beleive he just threw his away I bet he’s thinking about what he did now or maybe he just hate he got caught.I hope he’s not still delivering packages.

    Butthead says:

    Uh huh huh..this guy is cool!

    bgieser says:

    Try and hire a returning US Vet. I am sure he would love a good job with benefits. It appears this was a regular employee or the temp. would have been fired on the spot. No union issue here.

    Allen Friedman says:

    Live with it, S–t happens whether you have one or thousands of employees. When I want to make sure a letter or package gets to where it is suppose to go, I will still use Fedex!

    Brad says:

    This FedEx guy must have been having a really bad day. Was he wrong? Yes. Was it unforgivable? No. Face it, many of us have times where we probably want to “throw the package”, and sometimes we probably do. It’s just not on video! FedEx gets a black eye, but, honestly, it’s not unusual human behavior. I get FedEx packages delivered to my home on an almost daily basis. They do a great job with delivery and tracking 99.9% of the time. You want perfection? not on this planet.

    T. Torgersen says:

    Mr. Thornton,

    Not sure if my posting will make it to you or not, but it’s worth a try. I shipped a very expensive guitar amplifier to a customer the week after thanksgiving. The driver came to the door, never left the package for my customer, but chose rather to leave a note that he would return. My customer was in the house with his wife and watched this take place. My customer then took the tag and ended up picking the item up at the FedEx facility. When he was handed the package, he noticed that the bottom of the box was damaged and tape split open. The counter agent actually handed it to him this was. They opened up the box which I had securely packed with all original packing material to ensure a safe delivery. The customer took the amplifier home and discovered a broken tube, although I had bubble wrapped each tube. He removed the damaged tube and went to play the amp and it had obvious problems. The customer contacted me and I filed a claim on 12-02-2011. I have 3 dozen emails between myself, FedEx and the customer including supplying a dozen photo’s before and after shipment. I have spoken with FedEx Claims agents 8 different times, and after all information provided, they have denied the claim for a “BROKEN TUBE”. I called 2 days ago and told them this was an un-acceptable answer as the Tube is a minor item. My concern is the circuit board and other sensitive electronic items. I paid for the shipment of this item and I insured it for $1000. I still have had no contact from FedEx although I was promised a call within 48 hrs. I now have lost a customer, and have refunded the full amount of money he paid. What I now have is a damaged amp because of careless new LETS THROW THE PACKAGE OVER THE FENCE TECHNIQUE. NOTE: I’ve been a business owner and loyal FedEx customer for close to 10 yrs, and this is how they decided to treat me. I’ll continue to post and Blog until FedEx rectifies this!!!!

    John Carson says:

    So this explains what happened to my dragon sculpture

    Unhappy Customer says:

    I’ve been waiting 2 days for a Christmas package that has been on the truck both days, but never made it to my house. Actually the package arrived at the distribution facility a day early, but FedEx didn’t deliver because it wasn’t scheduled until the next day. Talked to customer service twice and said if it wasn’t going to be delivered I wanted to come pick it up, but was told not to worry, it would be delivered today. Now I see from the scan it’s back at the FedEx site AGAIN. ALL the packages shipped through UPS and the good old US Post Office arrived on time. Thanks a lot FedEx.
    Maybe you can learn something from UPS –

    Swing Driver says:

    Robert Mull – “In a way, I am happy that this incident occurred. Perhaps the company will improve it’s customer service. A comment by Candy yesterday echoes my sentiments exactly. I have had packages dropped off with only a ring of the doorbell. Thankfully, someone was home each time. I have had a few boxes not arrive in the best of shape, so I tend not to trust FedEx or UPS with fragile items. One FedEx incident that sticks in my craw involved a package that had an expensive motorcycle plastic fairing in it. The box arrived with obvious signs that it had been partially crushed, despite fragile stickers all over it. The CBR1100XX plastic fairing, which was custom painted and cost nearly a thousand dollars, was broken in three places. Although the package was insured, I never received compensation. The vendor referred me to FedEx for the claim and FedEx stated I would have to pursue the matter with the vendor because they determined that the item was not packed properly (an arbitrary decision to evade responsibility, in my view).”

    1. Fedex charges a fee if you require a signature to a residence this is predetermined by the shipper not the driver. For each day we have go back to redeliver because you’re not at home Fedex Express loses money on that package and Fedex Ground drivers don’t get paid for packages not delivered.

    2. Why do you think “Fragile Stickers” matter? Do you think 1 person sits side by side with your package for it’s entire trip? Besides every package is fragile sticker or not.

    3. Who ships a $1000 item in a box that can be crushed? Do you understand that 4 million packages are being shipped daily? They are loaded on and off in and out of trucks, big metal containers & airplanes all in about 8 hours to all destinations everywhere. The weight of other packages alone can sometimes crush other packages so pack accordingly.

    4.Do not ship fine china in a brown paper bag. Do you know how many people make false claims looking for something for free from Fedex???

    Patrick E Brooks says:

    I give my customers 100% every day and every delivery

    marc handler says:

    The right response is: “We fired the guy and filed charges against him. We told all of our other employees if they ever do anything like this, we will fire them and hold them legally liable.” – Instead we get a guy in a tie saying “yada yada yada” – translate, we’re not going to hold this guy responsible and nothing’s going to change. Welcome to America where Wall St Execs & Bankers can wreck the economy and no one is held responsible. But if your check to Fedex bounces, you’re in trouble.

    marc handler says:

    I just read the post by T. Torgersen above. Wow. Fedex wrecks his Amp and refuses to cover it. It does not bother me that some Fedex employees are bad. This can happen in any large company. The problem is, Fedex won’t make it right. This has changed my view of Fedex. I will switch to other services in the future.

    Diane says:

    I’ve seen the video and although I find it disturbing that the incident occurred, I find it even more disturbing that this isolated incident has made headlines around the country. This is just another example of someone’s negative behavior getting all the attention while the positive things go unnoticed. Instead of the world focusing on this one bad driver why not instead focus on the hundreds of drivers that do their job everyday all year with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. Next time your FEDEX driver delivers a package to you, smile and say thank you. BTW, Im NOT a FEDEX employee, nor the spouse of one. Im just a very satisfied customer who prefers FEDEX over the postal service any day of the week.

    Lindsey says:

    Our fedex delivery man is FANTASTIC. I have medications delivered to me, he makes sure I get them whether I am home or not. He keeps dog treats in his pocket and my dog loves when he shows up. I wish I knew his name, I will get it next time I see him, he is wonderful representative of fedex. I don’t blame the entire company for one persons foolishness.

    John - California, USA says:


    Thank you FedEx for being so straight forward about this unique incident.

    A customer of FedEx for business & personal use for 20+ years.

    Thanks for not trying to sweep this under the rug.

    California, USA

    A Fedex Sharholder says:

    Mr. Thornton:

    As a long-time customer, and a long-time shareholder, I just want to say “well done.” Exactly the right response. Nobody’s perfect. And in a company the size of FedEx, there are bound to be incidents like this. But I admire the way you handled it, and the passion in your message.

    Gavin Jones says:

    This goes to show that a company is only as good as it’s weakest link.

    The response from Mr Thornton was good and appropriate and I guess the guy seen throwing the parcel had another axe to grind.

    Overall, the parcel industry does carry the can a lot in a world where people demand everything arrives almost immediately and nobody wants to pay extra to ensure that this can happen properly.

    Fuels costs, packaging costs, wage costs, insurance claims are all factors eating away at the minuscule charge paid to transport a parcel thousands of miles, there cannot be much, if any, slack at all in the margins to reduce the load on vehicles and drivers.

    Couriers often have 70+ deliveries to do in a day, an almost impossible task in even the most ideal circumstances, so these guys who are the public face of the business are often under the most immediate pressure.

    I’m sure that, as Mr Thornton says, this is not typical.

    leon whisenhunt says:

    There service is very slow website tracking is a joke.
    Looked when it was pickup in IA.12/21
    will be del. on the 12/24
    Look the next day it showed pick up 12/22 will be del. 12/28
    IA. TO TX.
    Pony Express that fast

    Anthony Sczynski says:

    Wonder What the Trumpster would say you’ve got it “Your Fired””. My Fed EX home delivery guy is great! he really takes pride in his work. I also agree with some of the posts why not give a veteran a job! and focus on the positive not the negitive.

    Tony says:

    As an Operations Manager with Fedex Express, I can say that every single one of my employees were appalled by the video. For the actions of the courier, yes. But more importantly for the customer and their shipment. I have been part of FedEx for 17 years, after a 16 year military career. I can say without a doubt I have never seen a company that values it’s customers more than we do. We, as FedEx employees strive to do the impossible for our customers. In a world of instant technology, and point and click, it still takes a team of dedicated and enthusiastic employees to make it happen. From all over the world, men and women work harder than anyone would ever imagine to make sure our customers recieve a product from who knows where, at their door overnight. Do we push our employees? Sure, what company doesn’t. But I believe the vast majority of you would be amazed at how many of our employees push themselves to be the best ,to make sure your product arrives on time, and yes, in perfect condition. Do we always win, no. But I can assure you, we strive for 100% perfection each and everytime. Our employees demand that. From day one, your satisfaction is ingrained in us. We are mindful that each and every package is important for it’s own individual reason. As a manager, we applaude Matthew Thornton for his stance, and his taking the customer to the forefront and making this right. As an employee, we knew the second Mr.Thornton viewed the video what his reaction would be. As a Senior Vice President, he is still that same employee who picks up your package, loads our planes, and delivers on a promise. And we all work hard for that. Our employees demand that. Vice President or handler.

    Jackie Sheeler says:

    mark, this one is NOT about wall street vs. the 1%, and the exec’s response was right on the money. he can’t go on public record for firing the idiot because that would open FedEx up to a lawsuit. he might not even be able to straight-out fire the guy if this is the first time he’s had any problem — and could even create a morale problem for their couriers. imagine this: he had a perfect record for five years, this is his first screwup, and just so happens his dog died or his kid got kicked out of school that very morning.

    people are complicated, just like life. one 30-second video isn’t the whole story.

    Dont Matter says:

    Overall I love using FedEx however,I do have a few complaints:
    -I will no longer tolerarate lazy drivers, asking to help unload and load there truck.
    -listen to you complain when there is more than the usual amount for pick ups and deliveries.
    -When you have free time, dont take this as an invitation to distract me from work by telling extended personal stories.
    -When I call Customer Service, please dont act as if im bothering you.
    I’ve been satisfied with FedEx service for years and hopefully years to come.

    Tony Tiburcio says:

    All day, everyday last week customers were poking fun at the rest of us employees to be “carefull” with their packages. If your a FedEx employee reading this, make sure to remember that the bad always sticks out more then all the good you have done in this world.

    To our customers and potential customers, please excuse the insident. We are trained to handle all packages with proper care and urgency.

    Best regards to everyone.

    beth says:

    For over 3 years my business has used FedEx as the sole shipper for very large & fragile glass antiques. In 3 years only one package arrived damaged. I must say, the FedEx claims process and service was horrible! It took hours upon hours of my time and over a month to resolve. BUT, the actual handling of packages and quality control with FedEx is superb! My decision to use FedEx was because “the other” major carrier quite frankly didn’t care. I had constant damage claims & continual customer reports of beat up boxes. Every one of my customers are told that I only trust fragile antiques in the hands of FedEx!

    Mark says:

    We are fortunate that there exists a means and protocol to remedy this kind of situation especially where the reputation of a Company is “on the line” every day. I fly these packages to their destinations and I always want my customers to know that I value their loyalty and their business to the highest degree every day, as do my co-workers and Boss.
    Thank You for using FEDEX and our fine network to get your precious cargo and letters to wherever they are going. Sincerely, Captain Mark, Memphis,TN

    Jaye says:

    Perhaps, this will be a good opportunity for shippers and couriers to work together. If a company saves money, then shipping costs may be reduced. Have your address numbers easily viewable and well lighted. Have your package ready for pick up. That includes it being properly packed. Other boxes may be stacked on top of it. If it is one item in a box without proper support packaging in the box, no matter how you bubble wrap it, another box may crush it. Boxes are not shipped individually, they are shipped together. Your courier does not know what is in your box or how it is packaged. Provide support packaging within the box so the box does not crush. Learn how to properly package for shipping from the website. Know the weight requirements, for when you are to provide assistance or to ship heavy weight shipments. Delivery instructions are from the shipper, if it is sent 2-day, you may not receive it overnight your shipper paid for 2-day delivery or perhaps 3-day. If the Shipper requires a signature, you will have to sign for the package, etc. Is your property accessible for the package to be delivered? If you are expecting a package, do you unlock your gate? Is your pathway free of tripping hazards and well lighted? Is your dog secured within your home? If both sides do the right thing, the system will work more efficiently and cost less.

    Jessica Lampe says:

    ive been a fedex employee for over three years now, and have never worked for a better company. the complaints ive read on this blog are based off of single stations in areas where maybe the people may not care as much, or who knows what happened. but our customers sometimes forget that we’re only humans to! FedEx is not “Magic”! SO much work goes into making sure your packages get across the country or around the world OVERNIGHT! i used to be a handler at the ramp in STL and there are slides that are about 30 + feet in the air and theyre full of freight! they get shuffled through metal containers, trucks, airplanes, belts, slides and everything else we can possibly think of to make the process faster! ive seen shipments that weigh over 200 lbs going on a bulkloaded truck to memphis so if you dont want your things to be crushed, package them better! Ive recently transferred to a smaller station and am now a CSA. so i know how hard our couriers work to get people there packages in such a short amount of time, and people act like its no big deal! so while the video was embarassing, i think there are a lot more important things the world can be discussing, and i am still very proud to call myself a FedEx employee!

    Roger says:

    With so many people looking for a job and this fool does this when he has a job, he should be fired. It’s a good thing that the video shows him doing this act, because if it didn’t, FEDEX would say that it could of happen at the company he bought it from. FEDEX should fired this person. I know that someone that is looking for a job would love to take his place. To say that he is reassign tell you that FEDEX didn’t fire him and thinks he is doing a great job. Totally UNSAT by FEDEX.

    Jay Oyler says:

    Being a FedEx Courier for the past 16 years, I found this Video very offensive. Myself as well as those I work with daily try very hard to provide the best possible service to our customers and would never handle a package in that manner. We work hard and we take pride in our service.

    Brian says:

    It is worth noting the cavalier manner in which this FedEx driver tossed that expensive / delicate package over the gate. This clearly indicates he was quite comfortable with that delivery technique, and in addition, this particular videotaped episode was, in all probability, not the first, second or third time this FedEx employee handled such a package in this manner, in my estimation. Question: Does FedEx management agree with this assessment? If not, then obviously other management-level employees at Fed-Ex should be terminated as well in order to clean up this problem. The odds are fairly good that there are other Fed-Ex employees doing the same thing with customer shipments. Fed-Ex typically delivers packages with a one-man crew – the driver of the truck handling the deliveries; so if an employee is carelessly handling packages, who to know unless a video exists? Suggestion for Fed-Ex management: place accelerometers in some test packages for suspect or routine employee evaluation and monitor the G-Shock during transit. Your may learn alot about your employees – probably more that you want to know. YouTube provides some similar video material demonstrating slap-dash type customer delivery services like Fed-Ex, so this problem is nothing new.

    Kate says:

    This delivery guy is outragous but it’s good to see it’s being dealt with. I do wonder if the Senior VP would have got involved at a customer complaint if youtube didn’t exist 😉

    However, to be fair our business in the UK and USA have shipped globally (mainly to India) with FEDEX for 15 years now and we have very rarely had problems. In fact the few occasions we have had problem probably were shippers fault and not FEDEX. FEDEX are the backbone of our business, they always deliver effeciently and we wouldn’t even touch another company. My pick up and delivery team in the UK are brilliant.

    Thank you FEDEX!

    Ellie Avenelle says:

    I have proudly worked as a Fedex Express Courier for the last 13 years, starting at the DTWA station in Romulus, MI, and now at the TOLA station in Northwood, OH. I have always handled each and every delivery as if it were my only delivery of the day, while keeping a quick pace in order to service all customers awaiting the packages on my truck. I conduct myself in a friendly, yet professional manner, behaving as if I am video recorded at each stop. I do this not just in case I am in fact recorded, but because I want each customer to know that their delivery is important to me and I also want them to know I really do love the Company I work for. I am the face of FedEx to my customers. I am customer service. I am the front line. I am the problem-solver. I may be the bottom tier of the organization, but I am the connection between the customer and Fred Smith. My customers are why I am a FedEx Courier and my behavior is why I continue to represent FedEx.

    The courier in the video is by no means a representation of the behavior of our couriers. I don’t know him, nor do I wish to be associated with him. No customer of mine has ever, nor will ever, receive this kind of abuse or disrespect from me.

    I am FedEx. I am proud to be a FedEx Courier!

    leslie says:

    i would just like to say over the past 34 years i have been with the fdx family we have changed alot for the better and alot not for the best interest of our customers and our new employees,training has been a huge cost cut,which has been a learning curve,moving the call centers to home base has crested a huge problem for our customers, crr’s dont recieve the same training either,we need to give the training we use to give in order to insure the purple promise back into the company,the company has grown and the traning has shrunk………this causes what has happened … and many more to follow if we dont put back what we started in the begining of this company

    Marglyn says:

    Fedex is the best!

    Sue Duncan-Jimerson says:

    Matt Thornton is one of the finest men I worked with at FedEx. He will take care of the problem

    A.T. says:

    Thank you for acknowledging the egregious misconduct, but where is the apology?

    John says:

    I’ve worked for FedEx for more than 10 years and am very proud of our service culture. There is no doubt this is a rare situation. But like any large corporation you will find a guy or gal like this or two now and then. The company, while not perfect, does a great job of teaching, training, motivating and engaging its people.

    karina says:

    excellent way to handle the situation. read about this case through my MKT class. great PR example.

    Doug says:

    I just encountered a very non-courteous driver. I was pulling out of a store and the driver stopped his truck in back of my car, told me he had to leave a heavy package. I had to wait for him to deliver. I dont care if its a heavy package, I had to leave and couldn’t. 950-625 SIG may 7,2015 4:00pm. Hope something is done

    Kris Pryor says:

    Just came in to work to find my FEDEX package still sitting by the front door. The driver never picked it up. Found out a few days ago that another shipment – an OVERNIGHT shipment – arrived FOUR DAYS LATE! I tried to call Customer Support and got an automated phone tree that doesn’t give a damn about my human experience. I’m losing faith in FEDEX!

    Julie says:

    Just heard from a customer who described the BRAND NEW boxes she received her broken item in this way, “If they were new – they did not arrive as in “Hey, I can reuse those!” It was “Oh, she must reuse boxes too, and they have had their last ride. the interior one looked like things were exploding out of it.” My items are double boxed, 100% of the time in NEW SHIPPING BOXES. Both interior and exterior boxes are securely taped, going so far as to H tape all edges. When you perform in this manner the possibility exists for YOUR customers (me in this case) to receive negative impact on their professional image. I have low tolerance for this type of experience. Claim is filed and complaint is following.

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