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Relief Agency Gets Critical Supplies Across Romania

April 10, 2018

After a skiing accident left him paralyzed three years ago, 21-year-old Mihnea not only had to confront life in a wheelchair, he also faced a potentially bigger challenge – little access to the medical supplies he needed to live an independent life.

Mihnea attends university in Timisoara in western Romania, 350 km from his hometown where the medicines and medical supplies Mihnea needs for an independent life are scarce or too costly for his family to afford. His daily life was challenging until action medeor stepped in to help.

action medeor is one of Europe’s largest medical aid organizations and serves as an emergency pharmacy for those who need it most.  Based in Germany, the relief agency houses a large stockpile of life-saving medicine and other supplies to be delivered to countries in urgent need at little or no cost.

The job is made easier with the support of companies like TNT Romania and FedEx.  Since 2012, FedEx has supported action medeor through United Way Worldwide as part of our commitment to helping global non-profits. action medeor has used that money to deliver supplies from Germany to Romania. Medicine and medical supplies moved throughout the region surrounding Timisoara, where Mihnea lives, and also an important region for TNT Romania since it houses the country’s second largest delivery hub, employs nearly 100 team members and is a hub of the TNT European Road Network.

The financial support also helps action medeor work with partner organizations like Federation Caritas Timisoara, which serves adults who were raised in deplorable conditions in Romania’s former orphanages, adapt to life outside those homes and gain new independence. The available programs offer education and hands-on work experience to participants and their children, as well access to medical supplies – everything from thermometers to essential vitamins.

action medeor’s work has been a fundamental support to those in need across the world, and especially to Mihnea, who now has greater access to supplies he needs to move forward with his biggest goal–regaining independence.

Deplorable conditions in Romania’s former orphanages in the 1990´s and early 2000 are well known around the world. Those children are now adults, and many have struggled to adapt to life outside of the orphanages. One home for these adults is a farm located 80 kilometers away from Timisoara. Supported by action medeor´s partner Federation Caritas Timisoara, the farm’s staff prepares men and women for independence. On the farm, residents are provided with everything they need; from schooling for residents’ children to hands-on work experience. To ensure the current and future medical needs of residents, much-needed adhesive strips, braces, thermometers and essential vitamins were delivered to the farm.

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