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Selfies Document Life-Changing Trips to FedEx Office

September 28, 2017

Lacy Healey Instagram Post

The Last Pickup

Tears streamed down Lacy Healey’s face as she raced down the road to a FedEx Office retail store about 20 miles from her house outside of San Antonio, Texas. It had been a long, stressful day. Healey, a personal trainer, cancelled her final appointment with a client that afternoon to give herself a better chance of making the 7:15 p.m. drop-off deadline for FedEx Express overnight service. She had an envelope in her possession that needed to be delivered the next day. A 3-year-old on the other side of the world depended on it….

The Moment When She Knew

Years ago as an undergraduate, Healey completed an independent study under a professor who had adopted a child from China. It was something she wanted to explore later in life when the time was right.

“There are so many kids who need homes,” Healey said. “There are thousands of babies who are abandoned for whatever reason. I’ve been thinking about [adopting] since I was in college, but financially it’s a big barrier for people and a general knowledge base of where to start is inhibitive.”

Healey and her husband, Kristofor, began discussing adoption in 2012. They gathered as much information as they could to better understand what it would take to make the idea a reality. The Texas couple realized early on that it wasn’t going to be easy, financially or otherwise. They spent the next few years preparing themselves for what they expected would be an arduous process.

Then, in September 2016, Healey was hit with a sudden sense of urgency.

“[Kristofor and I] were dragging our feet, and I had this feeling that there was a child out there waiting for us.”

Healey and her husband contracted with an adoption agency in Austin, Texas, not long after.  While driving to her hometown for Christmas last year, they received the file of a little girl living in an orphanage in south central China. The file indicated that the toddler had special needs. She also had a smile that melted their hearts.

“They say there is a moment when you know that a child is yours,” Healey said. “When I opened her file and saw all her pictures and her history, I knew.”

Meili Rose HealeyMeili Rose HealeyMeili Rose Healey

The Paper Chase Begins

The file marked the beginning of a process that Healey calls the “paper chase.

Healey began to compile an intense amount of paper work required by the adoption agency. She and her husband provided bank statements, mortgage documents and information about her business as a personal trainer. She even had to sketch blueprints of her home. To Healey, it seemed like her entire life.

“We live in a rural town about 35 minutes from the main highway in San Antonio,” Healey said. “We have terrible mail service where we’re at. In order to ensure the paperwork would arrive timely, everything had to go through FedEx.”

Over the next several months, Healey sent packets of paperwork to the adoption agency in Austin and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services outside of Dallas.

“Going to FedEx Office was the most emotionally charged time in this whole process,” Healey said. “You’re sending off paperwork that is changing your life. You might receive an original document from a foreign country that says a child is yours, and then you have to give that up and put it in an envelope and send it across the country.”

Tracking a Beautiful Rose

Healey made her first trip to the FedEx Office in San Antonio in December. She stressed about leaving an envelope so important and so precious in the hands of a total stranger.

The first packet included a payment to the adoption agency.

“You’re sending paperwork that is worth more than your college education, and you want to make sure it arrives on time,” Healey said.

To commemorate the moment, Healey took a selfie in her car with a receipt that showed the package tracking number. From then on, she took selfies of every trip to FedEx Office.

There was one visit in the spring that was particularly emotional for Healey.

It had been a long day of work and appointments with clients. Healey was physically and mentally drained but still needed to send important paperwork to her adoption agency. She hopped in her car and headed to the FedEx Office store about 20 miles from her house. She needed to get there before the 7:15 p.m. drop-off deadline for FedEx Express overnight service. When Healey arrived, her heart sank to see a lengthy line in front of her. She feared she would miss the cutoff.

“I was sobbing my eyes out,” Healey recounts. “I knew if the packet didn’t go out that day, it would have to wait until tomorrow, and then the [adoption] agency wouldn’t look at it until Monday. There’s a sense of urgency when there is another human being waiting in a foster home on the other side of the world. She has medical conditions and everything is time sensitive.”

FedEx Office Center Manager Javier Armendariz was working behind the counter that afternoon and recognized Healey. He had talked to her once before and knew a little bit about her story.

He motioned her to come up front and made sure her envelope was picked up that night for overnight delivery.

“He told me to bring [my daughter] by when we brought her back home with us from China,” Healey said.

Emotionally exhausted but relieved, Healey left FedEx Office that evening hoping she was one step closer to meeting her daughter.

By the time August rolled around, it had been nine months since Healey and her husband had first contracted with their adoption agency in Austin. Healey had compiled enough paperwork to last a lifetime and made nearly 10 trips to FedEx Office to ensure that paperwork made it to its destination on time. Then, she finally received the news she had been waiting for all along: it was time to fly to China to meet her daughter, three-year-old Meili Rose, which translates to “Beautful Rose” in English.

The family of three recently returned home to Texas and has plans to make at least one more trip to FedEx Office. This time, there will be no paperwork, no stress and no tears. Healey said she will be all smiles as she introduces her daughter to the FedEx Office team.

Lacy Kristofor and Meili Rose HealeyKristofor and Meili Rose HealeyMeili Rose Healey


    Deron Moore says:

    What a beautiful story. As a TM with FedEx Office I have seen how we change lives, how simple sheets of paper can change people’s lives.
    What a great career!

    Kristi says:

    Such a blessing to have this little girl find her family and how FedEx Office can play a part in these amazing life moments is truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing it with us Lacy.

    Hazella Jackson says:

    Beautiful Story What a Blessing

    Ashley Hart says:

    I’m literally in tears such an inspirational story she is so adorable !

    Cynde says:

    Awesome! I adopted from China too. When our referral was delivered via FedEx, I took a picture of the driver with the envelope and asked how many babies he’d delivered because he was delivering one at that moment!

    Kim says:

    I am also an adoptive mom-my Girl is from Guatemala-and I also made many trips to FedEx for the same purposes! My girl was 10 months when she came home and she’s now 11 years old! This brought baby many memories and filled my heart with joy! An added happiness was that even though I live in Ohio-I was born in Austin Texas!!! Congrats to all!

    Greg Ables says:

    I feel proud to know that FedEx helped this adoption happen for the Healeys.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Adam says:

    What an amazing story!

    lisa solomon says:

    woo hoo !!!!! I’m a Fedex Employee and I have 2 adopted China girls !!!!

    brad whiteford says:

    A great story about the impact FedEx can have on others. Sadly, FedEx Office in Canada has (or will shortly) cease operations. An avenue for us to remain in contact with our dedicated customer base is gone.

    cheryl says:

    love this

    Cornelius K. says:

    Very touching story ! She’ll be a great mother

    Karen Pugh says:

    I also adopted my daughter from China. I got to know the staff at my Fedex really well too. They were so helpful ! When I was nearing the end of the paperwork, I had to go to Chicago to the Chinese embassy, then send off documents. The staff at my store actually found the closest Fedex office to the embassy and made sure I had directions to it ! They were awesome !

    Tish Burklund says:

    Thank you for sharing, many blessing to you and your family.

    Craig Stanley says:

    My wife and I have adopted three girls through foster care so we have an idea of what you went through. Thank you for opening your hearts and home to a child in need. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Paula says:

    What a beautiful story that made my Friday! The Healeys are a wonderful family that are giving a little girl a chance in life. May god watch over all three of you!

    Vanessa says:

    What an amazing story.I am so happy for both the new parents and that precious little girl.God truly is wonderful.

    Mechele says:

    This is such wonderful story. Compassionate for all involved. And a very happy outcome. God Bless.

    Lynn Williams says:

    This story just made my day- I am so happy for this family and so proud to be part of the FedEx family!

    Janet says:

    This sent chills running up my spine.. So happy to be part of a Company that lives by the Purple Promise. You never know who you will impact each and every day. Great job FedEx Office. God bless this little girl and the new family she is part of now..

    Ken Schroppe says:

    As an adoptive parent I know the feeling and pain with the setbacks of trying to adopt but as we were Roshawn’s foster parents at least he was with us.The foster program has kids right in your home town that need to be adopted working with Dyfus is not the easiest thing to do but the payoff is fantastic.

    Charlotte Wilson says:

    I absolutely loved this story! What a beautiful journey of love. Meili indeed is a beautiful rose. Love is wonderful and is spoken the same in every language.

    Cheryl W says:

    Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Donna says:

    What an amazing story and thank you for sharing this with all the FedEx family. I have been with FedEx for 24 years and it just made me smile. We often forget how the simple things in life can change a persons world. Beautiful!!

    Jose says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful story Lacy! Thank you for sharing. The Psalmist wrote in Psalm 127 verse 3 that children are a gift from the LORD and indeed they are!

    Beautiful Rose sure is BEAUTIFUL! She is precious. Congratulations!!

    Terry says:

    Wonderful story and looks like the beginning of a lifetime of happiness and love for the Healey family – always enjoy the blogs.

    Vanessa Miller says:

    Great inspiring story! Thanks for sharing.

    Vickie Crutchfield says:

    May God bless you for your obedience and willingness to be Godly parents. May His hand guide you in wisdom and strength to do the job well.

    Eric Gruetzmacher says:

    Congratulations! Your lives will be immeasurably blessed. Many people do not realize the roller coaster ride involved with the process. Your story makes my heart happy!

    Jose NunezMora says:

    What a touching story! I am a father of a beautiful daughter and this kind of stories really touch my heart deeply. I am sure this so-very-desired-girl will be very happy. Blessings for the Healey’s.

    Laurie Freeman says:

    So happy for you!! That was us more than 14 years ago! Our China babe has her driver’s permit now! Enjoy every minute- although the waiting is the hardest part (must honor Tom Petty this week!), it’s sooo worth it and will change your life forever. Wishing you all the best. xoxo

    Nadine Myles says:

    The Purple Promise keeps on giving! I love working for this company.

    Eric Watts says:

    God Bless you and your family. I am a FedEx employee and I have a beautiful daughter whom I adopted from Romania. While there to get her we needed more paperwork at the last moment from The States and FedEx was there for us! Enjoy every moment with your little girl. It goes quick. Laugh often and then laugh and love some more.

    Felicia says:

    Blessing and Congratulations to your husband and you. You have truly been blessed with a beautiful daughter and love just shows through her eyes.

    Soren says:

    Beautiful story. I have two daughters adopted from China myself, so I recognize exactly the emotional “roller coaster ride” this family have been going through.

    Tessa Zich says:

    Congratulations on the adoption of your beautiful baby girl!

    Joe Rivera says:

    Just FANTASTICO!!!!!! We need more people like you. God blest you!!!

    Jessica Jimenez says:

    OMG!! Such a beautiful sroty, i am practically on tears… it’s awesome how much we can do when we do an excellent job! Mieli has an amazing family, and i’m glad we can make it through.

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