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Afghans for Afghans

December 15, 2008

FedEx Express provides ongoing donated shipping to Afghans for Afghans project based in San Francsico.  Following is a response to a recent shipment:

Today we shipped 3 boxes containing 470 hand-knit wool hats to International Orphan Care in Mention, California. The hats will be squeezed into their container shipment headed to Kabul. My guess is that these hats will be passed to children living on the streets in Kabul, as this is how our hats were distributed in 2006 with this same organization. They also run schools and health services. We know the hats are needed for the winter. Lots of value in a small space!

We are grateful to FedEx for helping us to keep the Afghan people warm and to send these gifts of love and concern from North Americans to this increasingly insecure country. Let’s hope for more stability and some peace soon. I think the winter is going to be rough again, weather-wise and all else.


    Bob Skinner says:

    I think this a one of the many ways business can help non-profits do great things for those in need. Business have expertise and resources that make them important member in the work to make this world a better place.

    International Orphan Care (IOC)is one of those non-profits that is working very hard to help the people of Afghanistan particularly the orphans to build a better future. I found their website at

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