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Aid – Who doesn’t need it?

October 10, 2011

hpIn the course of one’s life, every human being is dependent on the aid of others on hundreds of thousands of occasions, whether during the tender age of children, because of physical or mental incapacity, or simply because individual circumstances necessitate assistance. In most cases, these people receive the required help: parents lovingly care for their children, the husband or wife is close by when needed and even the states plays its part as helper.

However, in many parts of the world today, there are still people who cannot even begin to dream of such security and well-being. They struggle for naked survival—for themselves, their children, their parents, their relatives and friends.
And who helps these people? They are reliant on the generous aid of all those who are better off and who perhaps cannot even imagine such a troubled existence.
Human Plus has committed itself to the task of providing helpful people and organizations with the opportunity to support those in need on a specific and individual basis. And aid is possible in any form: a good deed is indeed worth just as much as a material donation or financial contribution.
Since 1998, Human Plus has been working to benefit people suffering worldwide.  This year, Human Plus gratefully received the philanthropic support of FedEx which donated in kind transportation to our disaster relief work in Japan. Without the active support and generosity of sponsors like FedEx, humanitarian missions like this would have never been possible. I sincerely thank FedEx for your collaboration and have faith in your generosity for future endeavours too.
To learn more about Human Plus and the valuable ways you can help, please visit our website:

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