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FedEx Teams Up With Amber Alert to Help Children in Danger

May 23, 2018

“We were pretty sure we would never see him again.”

Those are words no parent ever wants to say about their child, but for Lyle Miller, this nightmare scenario became reality in 2006 when a known criminal kidnapped his 10-year-old son, Zach.

The day Zach disappeared, Saskatchewan, Canada, issued its first Amber Alert, mobilizing communities near and far to be on the lookout.

Today, the Millers are strong advocates for missing and exploited children and they encourage everyone, from individuals to companies, to participate in the Amber Alert program.

Watch below to learn how FedEx Canada is taking on the challenge, as couriers use the time they spend on the road to go beyond delivering packages, to help keep kids safe.


    brad whiteford says:

    Great way to make use of our collective resources to make a difference for kids. BZ

    Kellie says:

    Great Idea! Way to make a difference FedEx Canada Bravo Zulu! What about FedEx United States of America? Are we teamed up with the Amber Alert program as well?

    Michael Spearman says:

    Outstanding! Purple helping to save children – no better Purple Promise than that!


    Rhonda Sanders says:

    Awesome Idea FedEx! Proud to be apart of a Company who CARES!

    Imma Plutt says:

    This is really a very good idea. Working together with FedEx and Amber Alert to find missing kids. Hats off to the person who made this program possible!

    Mary says:

    I am so sorry for their loss and nightmare. Long gone are the days we can be comfortable allowing our kids to be kids and play outside without fears. Schools and homes are no longer without Stranger-Dangers. So terribly wrong.

    Ginna Sauerwein says:

    Fabulous idea to honor by replicating!

    Marilyn Blanton says:

    Bless their hearts. Awesome

    Rashmi Menon says:

    Great Initiative by FedEx Canada!! I believe FedEx Express USA can also adopt this. Proud to be working for a great company – Thank you FedEx!!

    Karen Stull says:

    Jeff – fantastic story! Thanks for posting. I’m proud to work for a company who puts the “caring” pillar into action!

    Patti Reinbold says:

    The Pwka station has been doing this for over 15 years. I am a senior Customer Service Agent on the pm shift and when an Amber Alert was issued I would contact our Dispatcher (Debbie Moore)who would send out a broadcast to all our pm drivers. We received the approval from the then acting District Manager to put this practice in place.

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