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“….and bring an extra shovel for me!”

June 16, 2010

Recently, I was flying to Ottawa to plant trees as part of our “Greening Canada’s School Grounds” program with Tree Canada. While I have my own tried and true shovel that I’m quite attached to, I didn’t think that airport security would look too kindly upon that type of “carry-on” luggage. So before I left, I made sure the great FedEx team members in Ottawa brought me a shovel to work with!

Tree Canada revitalizes communities across Canada through a variety of programs and with the support of business and volunteers. We have been working with them since 2007 on a number of different initiatives. We have supported reforestation programs including their BC Fire ReLeaf program, which allowed BC homeowners, landowners and municipalities to plant trees destroyed during the forest fires last summer. We also worked with Tree Canada on Earth Day in April to plant a tree for every FedEx Express employee in Canada – those trees will be planted in communities across the country this year.

At the core of our relationship with Tree Canada, though, is our commitment to greening 30 school yards across Canada by the end of 2010 – that’s what I was doing the other day, along with some FedEx volunteers.

A very special part of this day, for me, was being presented with the 2009 Eterne Award by Tree Canada. This is a national award given to an outstanding sponsor of Tree Canada to recognize their environmental stewardship and commitment to improving the lives of Canadians through greening and reforestation projects. I was thrilled to accept it on behalf of FedEx Express Canada and all of you who have participated in these programs across the country.

It’s also a great reflection on the FedEx brand – a very nice by-product of all of our community projects. It shows the world why we are one of the world’s most respected and admired companies and that we do, indeed, have the best people in the industry.

Have you participated in one of our tree plantings yet? If you haven’t yet, I strongly encourage you to get involved when they take place in your community – it is a great way to spend a day and you will see and feel first-hand the impact of a very simple action.


    brent pinsent(CA YOWA) says:

    Great Post David..It was a pleasure to see you,not only excepting the Eterne award, but rolling up your sleeves like the rest of us!..Take Care..Brent Yowa

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