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Arm-in-wing, Improving our Neighborhoods

September 29, 2015

A six-foot parrot shoveling dirt isn’t something you see every day. But there he was, alongside FedEx volunteers, planting trees and clearing trails at a park in Pittsburgh under the hot, summer sun. Luckily those feathers keep him nice and cool!

As a benefit of FedEx Ground’s sponsorship with the Pittsburgh Pirates, I’ve had the chance to work a lot with Pirate Parrot; he’s accompanied FedEx employees at multiple volunteer events. We’ve picked up litter, built walking bridges and played baseball with Miracle League players. At our annual Take Your Child to Work Day, Pirate Parrot waddled and squawked amongst employee children at the FedEx Ground headquarters in the Pittsburgh area.

And he’s posed for so many photos! What is so photogenic about an adult-human-sized, colorful parrot donning a Pirates hat and jersey?

Pittsburghers are passionate people, and they care about their community. Pirate Parrot sees it first hand at Pirates games as tens of thousands of fans cheer on their beloved Buccos. He sees it in their flailing arms and joyful faces as he fires FedEx free-shirt-Friday t-shirts over fans’ heads from a t-shirt cannon. Sports organizations reflect the spirit and passion we exhibit for our hometowns.

Back to those moments at the park in Pittsburgh with more than 50 FedEx volunteers. Having spent a lot of time with him, Pirate Parrot has effused over FedEx Ground’s commitment to bettering its hometown Pittsburgh community. As his dad used to tell him, “You were given the gift of clawed zygodactyl feet. Put them to work!” That’s what FedEx Ground employees are doing all throughout Western Pennsylvania: working hard to improve the places they work and live.

We look forward to continuing to work with our Parrot friend, arm-in-wing, to create a better tomorrow together.

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