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Atlanta FedEx Volunteers Help Create a Greener Future

June 20, 2013

To celebrate FedEx’s 40th Anniversary in Atlanta, FedEx volunteers joined Trees Atlanta to help with tree maintenance in Freedom Park near downtown Atlanta, which is one of the most heavily used green spaces in Atlanta due to the miles of biking and walking trails that weave throughout the park.  Trees Atlanta plants thousands of trees each year and maintains them for a minimum of two years in order to give them a better chance to survive long term in the tough urban environment. 

On April 17th, nearly 40 FedEx volunteers enthusiastically rolled up their sleeves at Freedom Park to help spread mulch and pull weeds around young trees and seedlings that were planted in the last 2 years by Trees Atlanta. As a result of the volunteers five hours of hard work, the long term growth of trees is greatly increased to become a healthy native forest. As these trees grow, they will provide countless environmental benefits including cleaner air and cooler air temperature, which will benefit the local Atlanta community and future generations.

FedEx volunteers in Atlanta


    MayLyn says:

    I’m pleased to be apart of FedEx cares and to see other members doing good for the world, just makes me thrilled!

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