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February 20, 2014

Turning a spotlight on healthcare

On a clear Pacific evening a few years ago, a fully laden FedEx plane winged its way from the US to Taiwan overnight. Inside one of the many shipments on board was a precious item – a pacemaker destined for a major hospital in Taipei.

December 12, 2013

Get ready for the (next) Asian trade revolution

When I moved to Asia in 1994, the most common shipment was electronics.Think big and expensive. The first, mass-produced PCs were spreading like wildfire, and innovations like the “personal communicator” – dubbed “bricks” due to their size and weight – were starting to take off.

November 22, 2013

Is e-commerce good for all small businesses?

There’s a saying in business that goes something like: “Not all business is good business.”And the same is true for e-commerce.  While e-commerce is now the largest driving force in the global economy, it comes with warning signs.Asia might have the most e-commerce “ready” markets in the world – China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore all rank in the top 10 biggest market opportunities– but scratch the surface and securing a foothold in these markets is not easy.

October 4, 2013

Trade, FedEx & the APEC CEO Summit

When you consider that China today exports 11.1% of world trade, or that Indonesia’s e-commerce trade grew 71% in 2013alone, it’s easy to see why Asia’s growth is increasingly felt worldwide.  Yet trade expansion does not happen without smart policy. And that’s really the story behind why FedEx is supporting this week’s APEC CEO Summit in Bali, Indonesia.

September 13, 2013

Ethics in Action

When we think about “business leadership”, the first words that often spring to mind are “vision” or “innovation”.Seldom do the words “ethics” or “ethical” automatically top the list. But they must.Just as the world is changing, so too is our notion of leadership. And it’s exactly the characteristics that we most value in human beings – respect, responsibility, integrity or compassion – that must become intrinsically connected with leadership.  

August 23, 2013

Generation Global: Today’s teenagers, tomorrow’s entrepreneurs?

Forget Gen Y or Gen Z. There’s now only Generation Global.This week, 54 of Asia’s best and brightest students landed in Hong Kong for the 7th FedEx Express Junior Achievement International Trade Challenge here in Asia. Yet while these students, from nine different countries across Asia, might be far from home, what stands out for me is that the concept of “home” is not what it used to be.