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October 29, 2009

Responding to Indonesia Earthquakes

FedEx has delivered 11.5 tons ($940,000) of medical aid for Uplift International and Project HOPE in response to two major earthquakes that struck Indonesia's Sumatra Province.  The shipment includes:  antibacterials, antiallergics, anti-inflammatory drugs, sutures, small medical equipment (instrument sets, sthethoscopes, syphygmomanometers, thermometers), IV solutions and assorted consumable medical supples (guaze, bandages, respirators, syringes and needles, surgical kits, surgical masks, suction sets).  

August 19, 2009

Salute to FedEx Charters and FedEx Express Operations

FedEx Corporate Contributions received a most unusual request: to transport 7 Beluga whales and 4 dolphins to a temporary home while Shedd Aquarium in Chicago was under renovation.  Two planes transported the special cargo under the direction of FedEx Charters team including Dave Lange, Walter Hooker, George Miller and Larry Ashkenaz in the fall of 2008.  Many details had to be worked out: making sure planes were available, reviewing flight schedules in and out of both airports, lining up crew and extra equipment such as the 40,000 pound capacity forklifts, gaining airfield and security cle

March 3, 2009

FedEx and The Happy Factory

Starting in 2005, FedEx has provided charitable shipping space for The Happy Factory to send toys worldwide to needy children.  The Happy Factory started in the home of Charles and Donna Cooley in Cedar City Utah in 1995.  The couple made hundreds of toys that they humbly offered to Primary Children's Hospital.  The toys were received with such enthusiasm and gratitude that they made more and donated to ther local charities.  Amy Grant featured Happy Factory in Three Wishes debut television series and the Cooleys have  distrubuted 927,000 toys to date...15,736 internationally by FedEx to ch

January 27, 2009

A Year in Review With Heart to Heart

The following excerpt is taken for the book, The Power of Serviing Others: You Can Start Where you Are.  Heat to Heart founder, Dr. Gary Morsch discusses how is organization's relationship with FedEx began.

December 16, 2008

FedEx is Proud to Support our Troops

Our major support of our troops stands with the USO.  FedEx donated shipping of the USO care package programs to provide support to our troops deployed to the Persian Gulf and the wounded returning to Germany and the United States for treatment.  The packages are sent to more than 120 centers around the world, providing free e-mail and internet access, internatonal phone cards, libraries and travel assistance.  USO affiliates in the United States provide support to service members as well as their families left behind.  Additional in-kind support is provided to transport the entertainment t

December 15, 2008

Afghans for Afghans

FedEx Express provides ongoing donated shipping to Afghans for Afghans project based in San Francsico.  Following is a response to a recent shipment: