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Award from leading relief agency a 2010 highlight for FedEx

January 6, 2011

A 2010 highlight for FedEx related to our CSR efforts in the disaster response area was receiving the Global Partner Award from a relief organization I view as incredibly forward thinking, proactive and groundbreaking in their work: Direct Relief International (DRI).

Since disaster response is one of the core philanthropic giving areas at FedEx it was especially gratifying to receive an award in this area (learn more about our giving areas at, and all the more so as it was given by such a top-notch agency.

FedEx provides in-kind transportation support to Direct Relief, increasing their capacity to respond to disasters worldwide, and to provide critically needed medicines to underserved populations around the world. However, in addition to recognizing FedEx for in-kind support, the award specifically called out the support we provided for the development, delivery and deployment of customized backpacks stocked with emergency medical supplies and equipment to enable trained, credentialed, volunteer Medical Reserve Corps medical personnel to respond immediately and effectively during local disasters.

While being experts in delivering medical assistance around the world, DRI saw a need in the disaster response area in service to the Medical Reserve Corps and with their forward thinking devised a unique backpack that may serve to help save countless lives. The backpack has become a standard for California MRC and has won accolades for DRI from the national MRC organization. (The backpack is shown in the photo accompanying this post with DRI CEO Thomas Tighe on the right, DRI Director of Emergency Response Brett Williams in the middle and me on the left.)

As we look forward to our continued work in the disaster response area in 2011, it’s great to know that we are making a difference for agencies like Direct Relief International. And, while it truly is a highlight – and a validation – to receive awards, FedEx finds bountiful daily ongoing gratification in helping organizations deliver relief around the world.


    Anna Gillek Dahlström says:

    Way to go FedEx! Great to see your efforts to help are publically recognised!

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