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Be Involved: How are you giving back to your community?

September 15, 2011

fx cares group***Follow @FedExCares on Twitter for real-time updates from our team members around the world!

Today, all FedEx team members have an opportunity to work together to make a difference in our world.  
How?  Well, let me tell you a few ways.  
Being involved.  Starting today, thousands of FedEx team members from Wisconsin to Paris to San Salvador to Shanghai to Mississauga will be celebrating FedEx Cares week by raking leaves, building wheelchair ramps, painting buildings, sorting clothes, stocking food pantries and so much more.  They’re all working to make a difference.  How awesome is that?
By giving.  Last year we raised $14.3 million for United Way in corporate and employee donations. That made an impact!  This year’s campaign runs Sept 12 – October 28 and our campaign goal is $___ million. The amount of money spent on lunch once a week can provide summer education and enrichment programming for 50 low-income children. See, your small sacrifice can make an impact.
Being supportive.  If you’re a FedEx team member, you know those tote bags your manager gave you?  Find a creative way to fill them up. Send in a photo and your team could win a $1,000 grant for the United Way agency of your choice. I can’t wait to see the ideas you come up with.
Being knowledgeable. Find out more about your local United Way and the agencies it supports at
I am honored to serve as chairman of this year’s FedEx United Way campaign. I’m joined by a team of senior leaders from across our FedEx organization who are committing time, energy and focus to lead this year’s campaign and make a difference. Now – I’m challenging you to find a way to make an impact!  Thank you.

You can also view some of our team members’ FedEx Cares week photos tagged at:

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