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“Behind-the-Scenes” Tales Tell the Real FedEx Story

February 19, 2015

I’m always amazed to hear stories from FedEx team members across the globe who share their “you had to be there” moments. Not only are the stories entertaining, but they also make me proud of where I work.

Stories like this one–a normal route for courier Michael Egan quickly changed when he heard a woman’s screams cutting through the cold air. Her dog had fallen into an icy harbor at Prince Edward Island, Canada, and could not get out. Without a second thought, Michael jumped into the shoulder-deep freezing water to rescue the dog. Thankfully, Michael also had dry clothes in his truck, dried off quickly, and still delivered his packages on time!

On the other side of the world in Shenzhen, China, senior service representative Qing-Hua was ending his day when he received an urgent request to pick up an extremely valuable crystal sculpture that other shipping companies would not move.

For such a fragile object, Qing-Hua knew the sculpture would need extra protection. A nearby carpenter’s shop had closed for the day, yet Qing-Hua convinced the carpenter to give him access to the shop so he could build a box himself. Qing-Hua then notified each transit station about the delicate shipment, and the sculpture was delivered safely. Thanks to Qing-Hua, the customer is using FedEx for all future shipments in Shenzhen!

And talk about getting two things done at once—Ohio driver Terry Rembold was on his delivery route when he stopped to help a woman whose car was stuck in a ditch. He rocked the car loose and directed traffic so she could safely move the car. Then Terry realized something pretty incredible—he had a package for the woman, one that needed a signature! Not only did he help someone in need, Terry also delivered her package!

Nowhere in the FedEx rulebook do we require team members to jump into icy water, to work after-hours to build a safer box or to help stranded drivers. Our team members do this because it’s part of who we are—a company made up of people who live by the “Purple Promise,” a pledge to make every FedEx experience outstanding. It’s one of the reasons we’re recognized again this year on the FORTUNE: World’s Most Admired Companies list.

FORTUNE is a prestigious publication well known for its coverage of business, and I’m excited that FedEx made the list. But I’m even more proud of the behind-the-scenes stories I hear every day—the ones that rarely make the news, but tell the real FedEx story. It’s these “you had to be there” moments that continue to remind me that our real value comes from our people.

#DeliveringThanks is a blog series that focuses on positive FedEx team member stories.  To read these stories, or to share a story, please click here.


    Joyce Johnson says:

    Fedex is a great company to work for.They take care of their employees and their families. Benefits are great

    Kierstin says:

    “Way to go Fed Ex..:)”

    Bernad Steward says:

    YEAH RIGHT, fedex its a great an ”purple company” but you will only know the dark side from fedex if you work in custumer service from then like me ._.

    stacy says:

    Working for FedEx has been the absolute best thing that could have happened to me in years. I thank God every day for FedEx. When I am working I am constantly working as hard as I can to help them with the goal “to make every FedEx experience outstanding”, as I am so honored and grateful to be a part of the team.

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